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The most expensive coffee in the world comes from Thailand. $1,100 per kilo

Happy Man

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5 hours ago, Aqualung said:

How much per cup? 

I really don't know what all the fuss is about coffee. Not a patch versus a cup of good tea. 

In 2014...

Darjeeling tea from Makaibari sold at record 1.12 lakh/kg

After being sold at a record price of $1,850 (around Rs 1.12 lakh)
per kg, Darjeeling’s Makaibari tea estate has become one of the
most expensive tea producers in India.

Who'd drink that cheap coffee?

Personally I think Darjeeling is as weak as cat's piss. Give me a robust Assam any day.


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10 minutes ago, fygjam said:

Some prefer a beverage that has been passed through the kidneys of a ladyboy so I've been told. Dunno how much it costs.



There's probably one or two BM's more than qualified to answer that question...

I don't know why, I'm not a coffee snob but I avoid instant apart from the "Birdy" coffee from 7/11 - it's like nectar to me.

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  • 4 weeks later...

One of the most expensive coffee beans come from beans the are made from beans that the civit cat shits out. Of course the Thais decided if those coffee beans were so good, a bigger animal would give more beans. Thus came coffee beans that elephants shit out. As for myself, I have never tried either. Sounds disgusting to me.

I gave up on my Delonghi espresso maker. I like a big cup of coffee and not those tiny little cups. I use a simple Russel Hobbs mini drip coffee maker. I grind my beans 20 grams for each cup.  For the best coffee, you need a good bean grinder. consistent grinds are very important. Conical burr grinders are are arguably the best. I have  a good electric one at home and a small hand grinder for travelling. Hand grinders are not created the same. I first had a Hario and it sucks. I then bought one that has a roller bearing on the top and bottom. The burr must be rigid so that the ground coffee is consistent. The Timemore hand grinder cost 2,700 baht but is well worth it. My new one has a hardened stainless burr and the Hario has a ceramic burr. The ceramic burr is inferior because it is not sharp. Th stainless steel burr grinds much faster and more importantly much more consistently.

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