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Turkey: 'Missing' man joins search party looking for himself

A missing man in Turkey accidentally joined his own search party for hours before realising he was the person they were looking for, local media reports.

Beyhan Mutlu had been drinking with friends on Tuesday when he wandered into a forest in Bursa province.

When he failed to return, his wife and friends alerted local authorities and a search party was sent out.

Mr Mutlu, 50, then stumbled across the search party and decided to join them, NTV reported.

But when members of the search party began calling out his name, he replied: "I am here."



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A couple of friends of mine were working on a rooftop.

When they saw smoke billowing up the stairwell they called 999 to report the fire before making their way down using a different route. On their way to the car they saw a large crowd gathering around a Firetruck with a "simple simon ladder" being extended. "There are people trapped on the roof" !!! Sheepishly they approached the fire chief and told them it was them that made the call.

Apparently it all ended in a few laughs and handshakes all around as they were pleased to have a "real life" practice.

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