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Any super soakers or jump-humpers here?


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A new viral video reveals what Mormon teens are doing to get around the “no sex”
rule: It’s penetration without “thrusting,” an act known as “soaking” and its hashtag has
some 25.5 million tags on TikTok to date.

What’s more, in order for the couple to further benefit from soaking, a friend helps them
out by bouncing on the bed next to them to get things moving, or “jump-humping.”

“When I returned from my Mormon mission and moved to Provo, Utah, I heard rumors
about ‘soaking,’ which is when a male places his penis in a woman’s vagina and that is it.
No moving. No thrusting. No orgasms,” 36-year-old Gary Knauer, who lives in Oregon,
told The Post. “I talked to a few friends who had ‘soaked.’ I hear that Mormons still do

“While on my mission, I had several discussions with my fellow missionaries concerning
sex in general. Some talked about soaking. Some would discuss that anal sex is also
away to ‘keep one’s virginity,'” recalled Knauer, who removed his name from church
records in April 2020.

“I never practiced soaking. I was the sinner who actually finished the job.”


So a cock in a kunt isn't sex unless you wiggle it about.


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Soaking sounds almost as bad as having to wear a condom for a blow job!

Well , not as bad but well on the way.

Sounds like a cue for one of the great lies:

"Of course I promise not to move if you let me park it in your pussy darling."

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