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4 hours ago, theshaw66 said:

What do you the going St/ Lt prices will be after Covid?

Always going to be a contentious subject. However, in the spirit of the forum and not wanting to start any kind of arguments with anyone , I think prices will be variable, inasmuch as that the girls will ask for whatever they can get.

I can't honestly see the Barfine structure changing. I know that the owner / operator of the Nightwish group is present on the forum :default_coffee: so maybe he can offer his insight.

With regards to actual prices for ST / LT, well my limited knowledge would behoove me to suggest that as visitor numbers will not be increasing exponentially despite the full opening to some Countries on Nov1st and more thereafter, as long as the ASQ hoop is there to jump through, it will continue to put people off. Thus, at the moment it is a buyers market and will remain so.

Once full opening is achieved then I believe prices will be as they were before. Top end GoGo girls asking and getting 5K LT from Koreans, Freelancers asking and getting whatever it was that they were asking and getting.

Pricing is and always has been a very individual exercise. ST not as much as LT. We've all heard guys boasting of paying 1000 baht LT for GoGo stunners (Gabor for example, a poster from Pattaya Talk and numerous other boards) which was total BS, but by the same token another guy paying the going rate which he thought was 3.5k LT for a beer bar girl or freelancer. It is all relative.

FWIW I'm far from knowledgeable on this subject, and have probably demonstrated that very well in the above post as I'm not a monger, but I do visit Pattaya 2 or 3 times a year whenever I can and am allowed out of the asylum.


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This is a very good question. My last trip was almost 10 years ago, and my first time was only 3 years prior, so I never saw the huge fluctuations that many other visitors did. Sounds like even before COVID hit, the sheer number of hot ladies in any kind of bar was way down, and prices were way up- I heard this enough that I will assume it was correct. My personal limit I never exceeded was 2K LT, but that’s a while ago. 

I think the smartphone apps opened up a whole new level of freelancing possibilities for ladies, so it’s like UBER- why wake up and deal with a bar schedule 6 days a week , when you can work when you wish and pocket all the cash? 

That being said, I think there will always be guys who pay less, just by being smarter about the whole process, staying in the country longer, learning some Thai, and yes being younger and dressing well. I had many freebies my time up in Chiang Mai, but IMO it’s not worth it, unless you’re truly looking for a wife…..too many complications

And I don’t care how hot she is, punters will simply not bother with 24 hour flights if 7K LT or so becomes then new norm, just won’t happen.Conversely, 4K sounds like lots, but overnight for a stunner 1/3 of your age you couldn’t dream of pulling in your home country, $120USD is still very cheap. 

Prices will always go higher, end of the day up 2 u if you accept to pay. If you’re on a budget and do your homework, there will always be cheaper options available

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16 hours ago, theshaw66 said:

What do you the going St/ Lt prices will be after Covid?

We know too little at this point to make credible predictions about re-pricing, whether great or small.  The direction prices take once Pattaya re-opens  depends on factors that no one can foresee with accuracy:  how fast things get back to normal; how many bars and other businesses survive the corona shakeout; how many and which girls decide to return to Pattaya and P4P; any significant changes to government policy on tourist visas or nightlife;  world economic conditions; exchange rates and numerous others.

What's for sure is that the law of supply and demand will still apply.  There may be movement, slides or even shifts on one or both of the curves, but the basic principles won't change.  Services that are in high demand and short supply will cost more than services in plentiful supply but with modest demand.

Young and pretty will still cost more than old and ugly when Pattaya re-opens to mass tourism. Demand will remain high for the top girls' services.  Any combination of factors that would cause a significant decrease in price levels for P4P services across the board would be serious enough to make Pattaya a decidedly unpleasant place for a vacation of any type.  It's "magical thinking" beyond reality to imagine post-corona scenarios in which P4P prices drop sharply but other conditions remain the same as in pre-corona Pattaya. 

Bottom line: The prices we saw pre-corona and will see post-corona are the result of market forces and economic developments FAR beyond the control of the participants in the Thai commercial sex sector.  But every visitor has control over what he chooses to spend and there is every reason to believe plenty of options will exist in all "price categories."


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