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Condos in View Talay 5D for rent (Jomtien)


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Both condos are next to each other in View Talay 5D (Jomtien), just a short walk from the beach.

The studios are 48 square meters and are located on the 6th floor on the cooler Pattaya side.

They were completely rebuilt this year, nobody has lived in them since then.

Large communal pool, access to the beach via security key card.

Directly on the baht bus route, near the Foodmart and airport bus station.

On the ground floor there is a poolside restaurant, grocery store, laundry, cafes and bistros.

The rent is 13500 Baht per month for a 1 year contract, shorter rents are to be discussed. (Minimum is 1 month, I prefer long term contracts).

No pets, no smoking allowed.


Condo 1:

VT5D 1h.jpg

VT5D 1j.jpg

VT5D 1e.jpg

VT5D 1c.jpg

VT5D 1d.jpg


Condo 2:

VT5D 2a.jpg

VT5D 2b.jpg

VT5D 2l.jpg

VT5D 2c.jpg

VT5D 2d.jpg



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Condo 1 was rented on a 1 year contract. Condo 2 just became vacant but I have received a deposit on a 1 year contract starting September 1st.

If anyone wants to rent the condo now the price would be 18000 per month.

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2 hours ago, Pumpuynarak said:

What !!! not even on the balcony ?

I fully agree with Mr. Camp.

If a smoker rents his condo, and they never smoke in the room or even on the balcony, the condo still smells foul from the smokers clothes / hair when he / she is in the room. It takes maybe a month for the stink to subside after the smoker has vacated the condo.

If it's a "smoking" condo, then of course it's no problem as a smoker will not notice it too much...

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I have just been informed by the tenant that he may need to end the contract earlier. Condo 1 will probably be available on December 20th. Hopefully I'll know more on November 20th.

Rent will be 15000 Baht per month for 1 year contract, 18000 Baht per month for 2-11 month, 25000 Baht for 1 month.

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