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Wordle - new online game every day bit of fun


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9 minutes ago, Golfingboy said:

Pulled one out at the buzzer just now…..I think it gets easier once you understand there are only 26 letters in the alphabet. Process of elimination

Hope they don't release a Thai version then    :default_biggrin:

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2 minutes ago, forqalso said:

I played the online version linked above. I’ve always liked the word puzzles.  The App Store has several versions, I downloaded one of them and it allows more than one a day.



I think that part of the attraction of this is , it's only one a day and everyone else is doing the same puzzle , the popularity grew when you were able to share your performance without spoiling it for others 

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I know the letters it contains. I know where 1 letter is. Buggered if I can figure it out. I'm getting an awful lot of "word not in list". Can't even figure it out by trial and error. 

Bloody awful game!!!! 


Of course, I could be doing it wrong....


Edit 2.... happy chap now.... good game!

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