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Your Body After Death


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Weird things that happen to your body when you die

While certain aspects of death still remain a mystery, others have been thoroughly studied. We may be familiar with some of the processes that occur when we die, but there's a lot more to it than you might think. Some of these surprising facts about death will blow your mind. Click through and check them out.

You might grow crystals

The water, minerals, and phosphates in your corpse make the perfect cocktail to create vivianite minerals.

No more wrinkles

Loss of muscular tension will make your wrinkles fade. Who needs botox when you can just die, right?


Your skin can be turned into leather and preserved. Who knows, you might even become a book.

Your corpse can explode

Gases produced during decomposition can actually make a corpse explode.


Post-mortem erection

It is possible for men to have an erection and even ejaculate after death.

You can turn into soap

If fat in your body interacts with certain bacteria after your death, your corpse can turn into a sort of wax mummy (the scientific name for it being adipocere).


Tyler Durden in 'Fight Club' was not the first one to come up with the idea of using human fat to make soap. The French also did it in the 19th century.

Your heart is alive

Your heart can actually continue to beat after you die. This is not common, but your stubborn heart might refuse to stop immediately.

You heart can start beating again

Yes, you can actually come back to life, just like that! It's not as common as we might like, but it happens.

Back to life

Whether or not you believe in miracles, some people do come back to life after being pronounced dead.


Freaky as it sounds, all other parts of your body can shut down, but your brain might remain aware.


Brain awareness

Survivors frequently recall a number of procedures done to reanimate them. Many of these people end up suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.


The millions of bacteria we have in our bodies start to decompose it.

This body will self destruct in 3, 2, 1...

The cells in your brain will digest themselves as soon as you die. 


You might poop yourself

The muscles that control the bladder and bowel movements will stop working. Consequently you can poop or pee yourself.

You fart through your mouth

Gas will come out of your mouth, so essentially you will fart through your mouth when you die.

Rigor mortis

Your body will stiffen up completely after you die. This usually happens within four hours postmortem.


Organ transplant

If you're listed as an organ donor, you might still feel pain when your organs are removed.


Contrary to popular belief, nails do not grow when you die. It may appear that way, but in reality it's just the skin drying out and shrinking, exposing the nails more.


The same goes for hair. It doesn't really grow post-mortem. It's all an optical illusion.

Livor mortis

Without blood flow, your skin will get discolored, somewhat purple, and patches will appear.

Postmortem movement

As all the processes in your body shut down your corpse can still twitch and have spasms.


Gas in your corpse can produce sounds. Moans, groans, and squeaks can sometime be heard.

Algor mortis

Your body temperature drops approximately  1.6 °F (0.83°C) per hour after death. Your body then remains at room temperature.

Tache noir

The cornea will eventually dry and black patches will form in the eyes. These look like triangle-shaped hemorrhages.


Putrid smell

As bacteria starts to decompose the body they release very foul-smelling gases. Your dead body will eventually stink.
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Weird things that happen to y

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In 2013, after retrieving my Dad's ashes from the undertakers, they rested in the trunk of my old '81 BMW for 18 months...promised to spread 'em in the ocean and was waiting for the right time.

My Dad liked old cars so I figured he didn't mind.



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13 hours ago, Derek Dangleberries said:

I fail to see the connection between the subject title and a picture of Arsenal fans on their way to The Emirates Stadium!

...and about to get hammered by Spurs.

Are you sure they're Arsenal fans?, they seem far too clean and well dressed.

(I don't think @Whitespider is going to be too chuffed when he reads this thread lol).

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I'm familiar with the way that the Medical profession determine whether someone is a stiff or not. The process is not particularly pleasant nor dignified IMO, but if it stops me getting locked in the morgue overnight then have a load of medical students laughing at my willy the next day then I'm all for it.

Ashes to Ashes

Dust to Dust

God dealt the cards

I went bust.

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