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Another Farang Suicide -- case closed?


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Sure burn it down and then the wifie will never get it. Makes perfect sense.

Foreigner found hanged, house burned down


A German whose Thai wife had recently left him after 21 years together was found dead after a fire destroyed their house in Kanchanaburi on Monday morning...

... There was a painted message on a wall, saying, "21-year cheating but never enough, f*** you"...

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The plot thickens...

" (the) German’s younger brother recently died suddenly in Korat, he was also said to be married to a Thai woman.
The German man’s wife explained that her husband’s younger brother had lived in Korat with a Thai wife. He had recently died. She indicated that her brother in law’s death was unexpected..."

. . .

Police probe death of a German man after an inferno at his Kanchanaburi home early on Monday morning


... "On the sidewalls of the home, written in English in pink spray or marker, was what appeared to be a message from the German man to his estranged wife.

‘21-year cheating but never enough, f**k you,’ it read.

In front of the house, police discovered the remains of a car and a number of motorbikes also destroyed by the fire while behind, covered in cloth, two further high power motorbikes were left unscathed by the conflagration."...



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