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German TV Presenter attacked in Phuket - RTP deny it?


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More (not so) fun in the Sandbox... another fishy report? 🐟

Cathy Hummels brutally attacked in Thailand




Phuket Police Deny Knowledge About Assault Against German TV Presenter 

BANGKOK -- Phuket Police on Thursday deny any knowledge that German TV Presenter Cathy Hummels was attacked and her phone robbed on a beach in Phuket.
In a statement police said they also didn't receive any complaint from the well-known TV presenter. 

"[We] guarantee that Phuket is still and always safe for people and tourists," the statement of Phuket Police Facebook page stated in Thai.

Foreign media have been reporting about the attack, however. German tabloid newspaper Bild quoted Hummels: "I wanted to say goodbye to those idyllic place with a walk on the beach... [then] I got hit on the head from behind. The perpetrator hit me several times. Eventually I realised this was a matter of life and death and I started fighting back," Hummels was quoted in English as translated by eueditorial.com. She reportedly yelled, the attacker took her phone and let her live. Hummels then ran back to her hotel. According to the report, her TV crew called the police, however.


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Now the RTP has changed their tune...

Thai police probe robbery reported by German celebrity


BANGKOK (AP) — Police in Thailand said Thursday they were looking for a suspect in the robbery of German celebrity Cathy Hummels, who reported that her mobile phone was stolen during a nighttime attack on a southern beach.

. . .

Wife Of German Football Star Mugged On Thai Beach


...Amphon Buarupporn, a senior police commander for southern Thailand, confirmed in a Facebook post that an attacker had punched a German victim once and made off with her iPhone in an incident on a beach in Phang Nga province.

"Provincial police are proceeding with bringing the perpetrator to be prosecuted as soon as possible," said Amphon

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Most of us come to Thailand for the weather, ladies, great VFM lifestyle……whatever. And from what I’ve witnessed and heard from older expats, you get what you expect, life is wonderful in the Land of Smiles, maybe the odd visa red tape, but one gets to enjoy their years without incident

But OMFG, as a foreigner, should you have the misfortune to have anything criminal happen to you…..good luck on receiving any type of justice. And as tourists who are (hopefully) well informed, chances are we will stay out of situations that could bring us harm. But even at that, not every farang who has been harmed in LOS “got blackout drunk and started boxing, went to Koh Tao, or married the wrong bargirl”. 
 Many just had the bad luck of being in wrong place/wrong time, and their only crime was having a holiday in a warm climate. Chances are it will never be YOU, but still……

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