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Three best male vocalists/singers


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So the logical next step is who are your favourite male singers/vocalists.

I am very influenced by my parents and would go with

Ray Charles....someone said he could sing a telephone directory & it would be a hit.

Nat King Cole....a voice like smooth chocolate.

Tom Jones....a national icon.

But I had the great fortune to see Pavarotti in Manchester in 1997 and he tops the lot,what a voice the man had!

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I don't about the best, as there are so many across a number of musical genres, and subjective  according to taste. 

For British Rock, I think that Paul Rodgers is way up there

American Soul, for me Stevie Wonder

But largely over looked, I think that John Lennon had an amazing voice. 


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9 hours ago, Aqualung said:

Robert Plant... Led Zeppelin 

Chris Cornell RIP.... Soundgarden

Ian Astbury... The Cult. 

Great shout on Astbury, very underrated singer. Another I think is underrated is Myles Kennedy, currently singing with Slash, but I have liked him since he was with Alter Bridge. Very unique voice as well. 

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