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john luke

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These appears to be an issue at present on the forum where the status of some member(s) has been changed and they are unable to post in sections of the forum where they could previously post.


We are aware of this issue and will try to resolve it as soon as possible.  


At present @Whitespider is not available to assist with this issue.  @tommy dee has access to the admin panel and has been made aware of this issue.  As I understand it, one or more of the moderators from Addicts have a supervisory/management status on this forum and may be able to assist.


Finally if anyone has recently found there status and/or access levels changed, please either send me a PM or if that option is not available please make an entry on the Introduce yourself to the forum section and then click the report button.





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7 minutes ago, tommy dee said:

i think there is a glitch in the software.  I show as admin but when i open, its shows me as a newbie, but only to me, i cant change that.  but luckyily I still was admin once inside


Derek is now back as admin

Who's Derek😁 I can now post again. Were we hacked or just a software error? 

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