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Using the new M-Flow at Motorway

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Since this topic hasn't been covered yet, I will be giving some info on the new payment system called M-Flow which has just started implementation at the Motorway since the 15th of Feb. I am not sure whether this new system is implemented for the entire Motorway but I will be sharing my experience of using it on Motorway 9 otherwise known as the Kanchanaphisek Road which stretches from Bang Pa-In trough Rangsit/Lam Lukka passes Fashion Island/Ram Inthra and then connects to Bangna Trat Highway/Rama II highway at Megabangna.

First of all a little intro about the M-Flow system. It is a contactless payment system which means you don't need to stop at the booth to make payment similar to the current M-Pass & Easy Pass. However that is where the similarity ends. M-Pass & Easy Pass use a device which is affixed near the windshield and when the vehicle is near the toll booth, sensors will detect the device letting said vehicle pass through and at the same time deducting payment from the user's prepaid account. 

The problem with M-Pass/Easy Pass is that the vehicle needs to slow down significantly when nearing the booth otherwise there is a risk that the sensors won't detect the device.  There will also be problems if the device somehow malfunctions or there is not enough credit in the user's account. Both M-Pass & Easy-Pass despite being faster and better than paying cash is still not a good enough solution to solve the long queues and bottleneck at the toll booths.

So here comes the newest system which is the M-Flow. The M-Flow is basically a bunch of advanced cameras mounted on a gantry above the road. When a vehicle passes that gantry, the cameras will capture the registration plate and process the payment using an AI system as well as the database of all vehicle registration in the country. The system is capable of capturing data at vehicle speed of up to 120km/h and there is no barrier/boom gates for you to slow down for. 

The big question is - how do you pay? Do you need to register for M-Flow? Is it difficult etc? Registering an account with M-Flow either via a smartphone application or through M-Flow website is recommended but not necessary. If you haven't yet register but would like to use M-Flow anyway by all means you can do it without any problem. During the first few days of M-Flow's operation there were massive traffic jams among road users who all went and jammed up the cash payment booths due to confusions and signboards that says "Non M-Flow registered vehicles are not permitted to use"

So if you have used the M-Flow but is not a registered user, this is how to make the payment:

1) Go to M-Flow's website at https://mflowthai.com/mflow and click on "Non-Requestered(sic) Use of M-Flow" or you can just go directly here https://mflowthai.com/mflow/unuserpayment

2) Input your vehicle's registration into the boxes, there are 2 boxes - one for the preceding part which usually consist of alphabets or number+alphabets and the other box is for the ensuing numbers (usually 4 numbers but could be less if special plates). Since a vehicle's registration plate are all in Thai alphabets, get someone to input for you if you have troubles. You will also need to input the province where your vehicle is registered.

3) Once all the info has been input, you will be informed of the outstanding amount to be paid. A QR code will then be generated which you can then use your mobile banking application to scan and make the payment. 

Basically that's all there is to it. If you want to really be sure that the payment has gone through OK, repeat steps no. 1 to 2 above and if everything is well the system will tell you that there is no outstanding payment.

However the drawback with the above method is that you are only given a grace period of 2 days to make the payment. Later than that you risk getting a fine. By registering however you will get a much longer time to make payment and can also setup auto deduct from your credit card or mobile Banking.

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So basically I just used the M-Flow again today and I will be putting here a step by step on how to make the payment if you're not a registered user:

1) Go to the M-Flow website at https://mflowthai.com/mflow and click on "Non-Requestered(sic) Use of M-Flow" or you can just go directly here https://mflowthai.com/mflow/unuserpayment


2) A pop-up will appear and please fill in your vehicle's registration number. The province box means the province which your vehicle is registered at, not the province where you're residing (e.g. your vehicle could be bearing a Bangkok plate but you're living in Chonburi etc.)


3) Click Search


4) Here you can see that I have a history of outstanding payment to the tune of 30 baht. No penalties yet as I have not exceeded the allocated 2 days grace period for payment.


5) There are 2 methods of payment either via QR payment using your Bank's Mobile Application or via credit/debit card. I opted to use the QR code:


6) Click "Payment" and you will see a page with a QR code. Scan the QR code with your mobile banking application and proceed to make payment.


7) Basically once you have confirmed the payment via your mobile Banking application that's pretty much it. To be extra sure you repeat step 1-3 and if the payment is successful there will be no history of outstanding payment as shown below:


Hope this helps!

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