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Retirement Extension Renewal.

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Today I went and done my renewal for my retirement visa as it was due early next month and I had some free time.

First up...headed to the Bank for letter to confirm funds in Bank. This took about an 1 hr at bank due to it being busy. Total cost here 200baht for all what was needed.

Second up to a photo copy shop to get what I needed. ...

Photo copy of front and second page of page of yellow book.

Photo copy of pages used in passport along with a copy of departure card that is put in passport on arrival.

Photo copy of bank book

I signed all the pages here before heading off to Immigration.

I already had a photo from last year so I did not need a new one that they stick on the application form.

Total cost here...41baht.

By now it was near Mid day so had lunch and then headed to Immigration getting there at 1:15pm

3rd up.....Arrived at 1:15pm and filled in some paperwork at front desk. Put this with all the other paperwork I had and along with passport handed it to Immigration Officer. He checked it.... said wait over there and you will be called. At 1:50pm called to another desk...photo taken for their computer...... over to the next desk......paid the princely sum of 1900baht...told my next report was 24 May 22 and out the door I went just before 2pm. All up total time at Immigration was approx 45 minutes along with good efficient service by the staff there. 

Total cost was 2141 baht and I am right to go for another year.


Add on for those interested...nothing was asked for of vaccination status or Insurance. 

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May i ask which Immigration office you use Roo  ???

I had a similar experience a couple of months ago at the Chaiyaphum Immigration, they were most obliging.

Renewed my Retirement visa and registered my new address, plus they done my 90 day, even though it was not due for another 3 weeks, but as the chap said 'it will save me a 100klm trip in two/three weeks time, so may as well do it now'.

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The one I use now is Roiet. 

Usually when I do my report it usually takes 15 minutes at most.

Immigration get a lot of negatives but my experience with them have overall been good.

Ever since being here...if I have a question on anything....I go to the Immigration Office and ask them directly and each time they are happy to help out. 



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For me (I use the Maptaphut office) it's a two day process, though it doesn't have to be.  Day one I a make a transfer so there's a same day listing in the book then go to a mall that has a branch of my bank for the letter.  Kasikornbank charges 100Baht for that.  Then grab  lunch in the mall and do some shopping.

That evening scan any new pages from the bank book, print those.  Update my forms from last year to my new age and the date and print those, along with the scans of my passport pages.  Sign all copies.

The next day head to immigration, it seldom takes as much as a half hour and we're out with another year stamp.  Then lunch Old Germany restaurant near there.

I've had good luck with the online 90 day reports, so I just do that.

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  • 3 months later...

Today I made the extension of my retirement permit to stay.

Location: Jomtien

Visa: Non-B that has already been extended once with the reason "retirement".

Reason of Extension: Retirement with 800000 Bt on account.

Time: Wednesday 2 p.m.

Made an online appointment on the Jomiten Immigration website (click the link at the top left, then scan the QR code and then fill out the website).
Wasn't necessary though as there were only 5 people in line outside the building. On Monday it was still very crowded because of the long weekend before. So if you have to go there after a weekend or on a Friday, it is better to make an appointment, then you can go straight through the door, bypassing the queue.

What I prepared:

1st passport

2. Copy of photo page of passport

3. Copy of the last visa that was the basis of the last extension, i.e. the non-B

4. Copy of all extensions of my residence permit since this visa

5. Copy of entry stamp

6. Copy TM6 (departure card) on both sides

7. Copy of my re-entry permit that I used

8. Application TM7 2 pages printed on one sheet

9. Passport photo 4x6 cm glued to the application

10. Telephone no. and email written on the 2nd page of the application

11. Original - Bank Letter (certificate) stating my name, account no. and account balance. Done this morning, can also be from the day before in case you go to Immi in the morning.

12. Original - Bank statement detailing each account transactions for 1 year. Make a deposit or transfer etc. the day before so that the entry is up to date. If you make this payment on the same day as the statement, then this is not yet shown in the statement, though should not be a problem.

13. Original bank book

14. Copy of the bank book: the first page with the name and the entries from the last 12 months.

15. Copy of my Internet bill with my address on it. Alternatively electricity bill or similar or a rental contract with a copy of the ID card/passport from the landlord and the blue house book (Tambien Baan), signed by the landlord with a blue pen.

16. 1900 baht

17. All papers filled out and signed with a blue pen. Also the copies etc.

Copy of TM30 (Notification Form for House Master, Owner or the Possessor of the Residence where Alien has Stayed) was returned to me.

There is still the "Foreign National Information Form" that the Immigration Officer has and filled out for me and made the necessary copies. Then everything has to be signed again. I still got the note with "Criteria" for the next extension (800k Bt must be re-presented after 90 days, must not be undercut during this time) but this is not checked in the Jomtien Immigration as I have read from many on other forums. Next time when renewing the permission to stay you have to prove by bank statement that this was the case. But it may be necessary at some point. 

Tomorrow from 2 p.m. I can pick up the passport and apply for the re-entry permit. The immigration officer (helper?) was very nice, his female colleague was a bit grumpy because her customer didn't have the original bank letter (certificate) and was loudly annoyed at having to appear for the third time.

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Picked up passport today, which was ready before 1:30 p.m. Made a copy of the new extension, other documents were already prepared, received number 40, the 38 was just on.

When my number was on the screen, someone with the number 44 pushed his way in front of me. The IO didn't like that and rejected him, repeatedly stating the current number. The guy made no move to back off, however, which resulted in the IO raising his voice and his eyes piercing.

Only when I advised the guy to sit down did he do so and while my passport was being stamped the two exchanged death looks.

Wanted to stay longer and wait for the 44, but then left after I had my re-entry 10 minutes later. I really feel sorry for the IOs having to deal with these guys on a daily basis. These are probably the ones who complain about Immigration service on the Internet.

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