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Lufthansa / Austrian (Business Class)


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50 minutes ago, Bazle said:

Have you travelled on Lufthansa (or Austrian) from London to Thailand (and return), Business Class, please?

If so, what are your thoughts?

I have never travelled business class on either.  

If you are going to travel on a 'new to you' airline, rather than look at the airline, I would be looking at the actual plane used and the seat configuration in business class.  

The Dreamliners and Airbus A350 s all have a 1 2 1 configuration in business class, which means as a single traveller you can enjoy a window seat and have aisle access.  At worst you could get a seat in the centre but with aisle access.  A380 has a 1 2 1 configuration in business too and is much quieter than the smaller flights.

A number of airlines are still using the old 777 and this offers a 2 3 2 configuration, which I think in this day and age is poor for business class.  If you chose the window seat you may have to climb over another passenger to go to the toilet.  You also stand a chance of being in the middle row of 3 with the same requirement to climb over another passenger if you wish to visit the toilet or just stretch your legs.

I appreciate this does not answer your question but I think highlights an important area in the decision making process.


Have a look at this site too.


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