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Seeland Brewery on Thappraya Road

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Nobody went there? Then I'm the first!!!

Ok, let's start with:


There are 2 Seeland Brewery on google maps, the one further up on the sea side of Thappraya Rd. is the right one.

Everything is marked in red/white in front of the restaurant, but you can park your vehicle on the opposite side. At least today, no idea what it looks like on the weekend or in the high season.
There is also a sign directing to a car park and one or more golf carts for shuttle service.




No idea what the bouncers are there for. In the Hops, they keep the ladyboys away, who aren't welcome there. Doesn't matter. Speaking of Hops, I'll use that as a reference, only recently I have been back since a long time and I still like it. To come back to parking, Seeland may have an advantage.



You can also sit outside, but nobody wanted to today. Also a plus compared to the Hops.



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Good that there are seat cushions. Otherwise the furniture looks a bit cheap. Other facilities and atmosphere: they try to be Bavarian, but somehow it doesn't quite come across as a whole. The Asians will probably notice it less.

Maybe it's because of the


The location of the band is a bit unusual, they probably tried to use the space somehow. However, a better place for the band would have been another restaurant. They would have fitted nicely into the Moon River Pub, but not into a brewery restaurant. Also a bit too loud.




At times the songs put me in a rather depressing mood. It doesn't have to be an umpa-umpa kind of music, but I would have preferred some Bavarian mood music muffled from the loudspeakers and that would have totally upgraded the entire atmosphere. The music at Hops: I was too early on the last visit, but it used to be pretty good.


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Nice clothes, but girls in dirndls should be built a little ehmmm... more lavishly. Push-up bra? Otherwise no special occurrences.


There are 4 different home-brewed varieties that you can also test in the sample set. We started with the wheat beer and the lager, both in 0.4 l glasses.

Lager was a bit sour, as was the wheat beer. Not bad compared to a Leo or Singha, but the Hops wins in either case. My opinion and also that of Mrs. CampariO.



But I'm wondering what the popcorn is for? Mrs. CO thought there had better be some bread. She doesn't even eat bread. But I had to agree with her and am already considering whether she should continue writing the review.

Later Mrs. CO wanted to try the Viennese beer. She liked it a lot, but I'm not into the dark stuff.


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