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My trip to Spain - Back to where it all began!


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Never been to Benidorm, a lot of mates went on the 18-30 holidays that were popular back then but I was busy doing other stuff.

Looks pretty hedonistic though. What's not to like, great weather, cheap booze, nice resorts and a good atmosphere.

Thanks for the TR, enjoyed reading and watching that 🙂

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17 hours ago, boydeste said:

Thanks for the mini TR.

So did you stay or return home on time?

Did I stay or did I go?

Caught my booked flight home in which I saw one other passenger wearing a mask.

Since I have been back I have felt really rough and still testing positive after 10 days. There would have been no enjoyment in staying out there feeling like shite.

There were quite a few passengers on the flight with a noticeable cough.


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