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School Discipline / insults


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It has changed over the years.

My Daughter was "found guilty" (yes, the words used by the Head of Year) of making "disparaging and offensive comments" to another child.

She called the kid (him) a Twat, in earshot of another teacher.

As such, she has to write an essay on name calling and the effect it has on others in society, along with completing a "think sheet" on how her actions have effecting this lad.

Being the kind of guy I am, I offered to write the Essay (copy paste some of the 36 Strategems of War) but she turned me down. It's not an essay, it's supposed to be an enforced apology and a "learning curve". It needs to be handed in on Monday next week, complete with subsections on "lessons learned" and "progressive understanding".

My reaction is to hand in a blank essay, because an insincere apology is exactly that. Wife agrees. There's no sincerity in calling people names, it was playground teenage banter.

I am looking forward to the argument but in my day, name calling was somewhat less pleasant, the names "spastic", "flid" (short for thalidomide victim)," joey" (as in joey Deacon, a disabled man who appeared on a kids programme Blue Peter - this was always coupled along with restricted hand movements indicating the person didn't have full physical control of themselves), "window licker" then onto sexuality, "Norman" (Norman Scott, known homosexual) ,"Jeremy Thorpe" (see previous) for anyone remotely effeminate, along with "hom" (homosexual) "bender" "bum boy" "ponce" "nonce" "grass" "snitch" "Len Fairclough" or "Lenny" (made while giving the thumbs up sign as the actor portraying him was investigated for sexual assault on young girls in a swimming pool) and that's before we get into the realms of physical / family / racial insults which were much more personified.

Teachers nowadays are mostly left wing and like to subtly enforce their impressions upon students. Parents Evening at my girl's comprehensive is interesting to say the least.

In my day, insults were dealt with by a scrap, some kind of vandalism to personal property or just laughed off. The Teachers really couldn't have cared less if they wanted to.

How times change.


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Your insults mostly echo with my schooldays ... would like to add "chinny " or "chinny reckon" if you thought someone was bullshitting you ... we were horrible to each other as kids , especially stuff like the Joey insults , BP was trying to make us be more compassionate/understanding but kids just took it and ran ..,

even games like British Bulldog , Colombian football ( if the tennis ball went through your legs , you could kick the fcuk out of them until they reached the safety area , all the boys wearing Polish brogues) , Slaps , another game with cards where you tapped their knuckles and tried to draw blood ., ) and many many more all designed to hurt and inflict pain .,

Kids were allowed to be cnuts back then .., glad things have moved on and teachers are addressing bad behaviour 

nb I also remember teachers were bastards back them , humiliating kids in front of the class , throwing board rubbers and even the odd chisel in woodwork,,,

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