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17 minutes ago, galenkia said:


Reminds me of the time I worked in Uvalde,where the recent school shooting was in Texas.

There were only two bars inside the city limits & they were in the only two motels.You had to be either a guest or a member,me & the missus were always both.

Fucking churches were everywhere.

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^^^ Reminded me to check in on how the rubber trees that I paid for back in 2009 are doing. That was from a period of time when I first moved here, lived in the village, and helped the family out by planting about 15 rai of trees.

Google Earth, 2012 trees are still visible. Area planted is south of the short east/west road. North are ten year old trees on my then GF's sister's land.
Screen Shot 06-16-22 at 08.38 AM.JPG

I only stayed in the village for about seven months before leaving in disgust at the family's incessant greed. So no surprise the imagery from 2018 shows the trees are gone as without the yearly influx of money to clear weeds and fertilize the trees they weren't going to thrive.
Screen Shot 06-16-22 at 08.39 AM.JPG

Was surprised to see in the most recent imagery from this year the land north, south and west has been completely cleared. There's also a new east/west road that was built in the last couple of years. As I broke off all contact with the ex-GF in 2010, I can only guess that maybe the land has been sold off and will be developed soon into something else.
Screen Shot 06-16-22 at 08.51 AM.JPG

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