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Gian's - Italian Resturant in Jomtien


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I like Italian food. This may well be a contributing factor as to why I am having difficulty loosing weight. 🙂

There are a lot of Italian restaurants in the greater Bang Lamung area. My favorite is Gian's. I chose this restaurant for my warm up birthday dinner meal.


Gain's will also not make the 300 baht list. I have heard from others that Grotinos over in Naklua should be in any conversation for the best Italian restaurant in the area. I (being a Jomtien guy) have never been there. I have been told that "Little Italy" across the street from the Royal Garden is operated by the same people as Grotinos. I have been to "Little Italy" and it was indeed very good IMO. It is currently listed as "Temporarily Closed" on Google. Little Italy gets a little closer to approaching an under 300 baht rating.

Anyway, a few pics from my warm up birthday dinner at Gian's.


Gians - A.jpg

For me - pasta with a Calabresia Suace

Gians - B2.JPG

The GF Had scallops with veggies. She is not as big on Italian food as I am, but puts up with me a few times a year about this (maybe 20 or so). 😘

Gians - C.JPG

With the moderately priced bottle of wine (about 2000) dinner came to about 4000. 

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