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Huang Chao Chinese restaurant (in the Royal Cliff Hotel)


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The link may show that this restaurant is temporarily closed.


I had been told that Huang Chao has excellent American-Chinese food, which I have found hard to find in Bang Lamung (the greater Pattaya area). I received an e-mail from the Royal Cliff stating that Huang Chao is now open on Friday nights, but only on the last Friday of the month. 🤨 The GF and I decided to give it a try.

This will be very much of a mixed review.

In defense of the restaurant, many ex-pats like it. They have been closed for a long time and they are most likely working through some quirks in their reopening phase (once a month is a reopening? 🤨)

Service is much too slow. If you have a friend that you have not seen in two years this would be a good chance to catch up. Since the TGF and I catch up on a daily basis, not good.

The prices for wine are more expensive that Cafe des Amis. They have a bottle on the menu that costs 300,000. That is not a typeo. I did not order that. I did order a Pinot Noir from France that cost 3400. It was excellent for that price range, but I have ordered similar wines from both Cafe des Amis and Gian's that cost 2000. 

The quality of the food was variable to say the least. However, it was reasonably priced.

On a recommendation from someone in my condo, I tried the "Hot and Sour Soup". It was quite good and cost 250. Sorry about the pic, but I ate half of it before I remembered to take a pic. This is partially due to how long it took it to arrive. Also, it was a little bland, but good.


Royal Cliff Chiese - A.jpg


The GF likes scallops, so we ordered the sauteed scallops in an XO sauce for her. It was not very good. Cost for a small plate 350.

Royal Cliff Chiese - B.jpg


I ordered Schezwan Beef. It was decent, but the peat factor was well below what I was expecting and I hate baby bok choi. Cost 400.

Royal Cliff Chiese - C.jpg


All in all - sorry to say - I am in no hurry to return.

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