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Baggage issues continuing at UK Airports


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Just reading the flyertalk forum, it seems that LHR is absolute pandemonium for both passenger and baggage handling at the moment, set to get worse next week when the schools break up. Time will tell.

Manchester also having some issues, but Stansted and Gatwick are running ok.

It appears that it's mostly BA having these issues. I know there is a thread running for people's Airport experiences elsewhere which I'll update as I've recent info from a friend.

Also, it suggests the system itself is struggling, exacerbated by staffing problems.

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I flew out of Manchester on Thursday evening.  The Emirates flight was scheduled to leave at 2115 hours.  Business Class check out was what I would describe as normal; three desks open and four people waiting, when I arrived.  Quite a long queue for economy but only occupying the check out area and not extending out of the building.  

Fast track security was included with my ticket; I joined a queue of about six people and was almost immediately directed to one of the security tracks.  Conscious of luggage issues I had all my photo equipment in my cabin bags; I was asked to remove the camera from its bag along with a 300 ml lens as well as the usual lap tops and iPads.  Went through security and was subject to a personal search as well as the scanner.  

Quite a wait (probably about five to ten minutes or so before the luggage had passed through the scanner.  One of my bags was rejected and the security officer asked if he could examine the contents.  (It transpired that I had packed battery chargers and cables etc a little tightly and it was not possible to see what they were on the x ray machine.). All Ok so off to the lounge.  Whilst everyone moans about security, I would rather they were thorough even if that causes inconvenience.  

Onto the Emirates lounge, which was relatively quiet and a reasonable selection of food.  

Boarding took place on time however there was a delay in departing due to what the Captain described as Security Issues with luggage.

I tracked our luggage in Dubai with Air Tags.

All luggage arrived in Bangkok.

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With the BA ground staff issues hopefully resolved I am expecting my flight out of Terminal 3 on the 21st at 1810 to not be the headache I envisaged. Of course there is still talk of a fuel strike by AFS that might impact some airlines but again it is expected that contingency plans will be put in place. I just need a bloody good holiday.....

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As a bump to this thread, LHR are now calling on the Airlines to restrict ticket sales and pax numbers during summer.

They're not alone either, other Airports ding the same or similar.

It's not been met with too much enthusiasm by the Airlines though...





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