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Antonov AN124-100 at Utapao


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Just saw a low flying (~4,000 feet) big aircraft pass over head here in Pattaya and wondering what it was checked Flightradar24.  It told me it was an Antonov 124-100, a (big) 4 engined commercial transport aircraft and it landed a few minutes later at Utapao.  There was no call sign or routing associated with it on Flightradar, but tracking it back it had come from DWC - the big new airport in Dubai.

It seems that there's not many of these things and they're generally used for outsize cargo, and one is based in the UAE, although it's Abu Dhai that's mentioned, not Dubai.

Anyone know or care to guess what this monster was doing today?

an124 utapao.jpg




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1 hour ago, Pingrones said:

The Pattaya News notes, however, that some critics online have claimed that many of those coming from Russia are not tourists but rather young Russians on tight budgets attempting to avoid conscription in the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Why am I not surprised?

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