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Trang city

karon steve

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1 hour ago, karon steve said:

I have passed through Trang many times on visa runs from Phuket to Satun but I have never stayed there which I am thinking of doing in December.
Anybody have experience of staying Trang? 

Weather is nice in December. Easy to fly in/out of there, or to take the overnight train to/from Bangkok. Good jumping off point to the very cool islands to the west. A few tourists around but they are usually just passing through.

I've stayed in Trang many times. Great Thai/Chinese food (e.g., bbq pork, dim sum) and 'southern' Thai food. Lively morning street market.

The town center was busier before they built shopping centers on the edge of town. A buddy of mine was just there last month said he thought it was "quiet." 

I usually stayed at the Trang Hotel (basic & cheap) next to the clock tower (looks like it's an OYO now). The was a decent massage place on the 2nd Floor with skillful milfs. 😁

Wonder if it's still open...not seeing availability on 'booking' -- https://www.booking.com/hotel/th/trang-trang.html

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Back in my motorbike touring days i stayed in Trang many times, mostly in the Sri Trang Hotel.

They used to tell me to park my motorbike in the reception as after they closed at 10pm it would be behind the shuttered doors and away from any harm. There is a separate entrance that guests are able to use.

It is on a corner opposite the railway station, the carpark of which is taken over by market stalls every evening. I always enjoyed sitting at the outside table of the Sri Chang cafe, enjoying something to eat and a few beers watching the locals going about their shopping.

I really like Trang, it's largely still unchanged and has many very old wooden houses, plus a big rat population which will be seen running about most everywhere when darkness falls, but nobody seems to take any notice of them, or them us.....

If i am ever in the deep south again i will certainly spend another day or three at the Sri Chang Hotel.




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