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Just a heads up for those flying to the Philippines You apply on line, it's free, earliest is 72 hours before your flight. Use the Govt web site, not a scam, charging site. 

Lots of questions, and you need to upload proof of vaccine shots and booster. Take a photo of your proof and download to phone gallery. They send u a QR code, and an approval page (both Yellow) Screen shot these also as you don't get an email. You can't check in without them. 

If you have to complete this at the airport you will be fine as long as you have the pics of the QR code and approval page. Most airports have free wifi. 

At NAIA Everyone, except transit, has to queue for BOQ before immigration. Long queues on Sunday, if you are 60+ tell them, priority queue. Show the QR code on your phone, they confirm on line, then off to immig. 

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