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Cocktail Vans - thoughts and experiences?.


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Often seen them around and I remember when they first started springing up, not to mentions feeling slightly annoyed at the cutting about of a perfectly good classic VW Campervan.

I've never tried one. They seem to be popular and I noticed there's one in Treetown.

Anyone know if the cocktails are any good?. It's easy to hide watered down spirits in a cocktail, along with fake ones. The one thing I'm not keen on are ones which are over sweet and full of sugar syrup.

Lastly, anyone know the prices?. I've seen people sharing a bucket before, but bring the kind of selfish c**t I am I'd prefer not to share my drink with anyone, bucket or not.

For my money, the best value cocktails are in Sailor Bar on Soi 8. Well mixed, very cheap and it makes a nice change occasionally.

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