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tommy dee

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with the advent of recent  copyright laws in Thailand  and changes to those in the rest of the world, its important that we remind all posters of YOUR responsibility for your posts. 


 I think our regs are pretty self explanatory and simple but until now there has been an inference that mods are ultimately responsible for content.  that isnt the case.  legally the poster is responsible for their content and we, mods and admin, will assist where obvious in compliance but are NOT responsible in any way.  Our job, really, is to assist your posting management and we are not qualified international lawyers 🙂

the board rules HAVE been amended to reflect the above AND the responsibility YOU hold for your own posts.


the major change to our rules is as follows:

Posting of articles, photographs or other Images (copied or otherwise):  A Board member who posts any of the above acknowledges responsibility for and copy “Rights” to such articles, absolving the board and its operators and agreeing to” hold them harmless”   in any and all dispute, current or future.    Currently cutting and pasting a portion of an article to which you do not have any form of copy “rights” is allowed with the inclusion of credit and a link to the original article.   The Board member, in posting such items, affords the board usage of those article, photographs or similar in perpetuity to the extent that they may remain visible on the board but NOT be used by the board for any commercial gain outside of the forum. 



 The moderating team will review such posts and may deem them to be appropriate.  They will delete any obviously inappropriate posts, HOWEVER they are not liable for the content or expected to know that a Member has or doesnt have copy "rights" to the content, and the Member holds the board harmless  in the event that any copyright claim is applied by an outside source. 


this post is pinned and your posting from today on is accepted as an indication that you have read this and acknowledge the content as if it  were  a part of the list of rules you agreed to when joining


as you will see here, currently we allow posting of unedited segments from outside sources but with the requirement that credit is given to the source AND a link is provided for the original article

cheers gents




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