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That reminds me…..again….of an episode on my long trip in 2009-10. I stayed multiple times at 18 Coins across from Oasis, was good value and if you fancied a beer and some food, the lobby was a good spot too. There was a waitress I found very cute, maybe 5-10 kg too heavy by some’s standards, but I don’t care….cute as a button for me, I wanted in! 

So even though I had ventured outside of the barfine scene many times already, pursuing this one just felt “wrong”. “Leave her alone Eric, just because she’s smiling at you, doesn’t mean she’s available”. And she smiled at me a lot. 

So I’m probably averaging 2-5 ladies a day, not giving her a second thought, changed hotels by then, reading a TR on a Secrets’ member’s bar crawl with his mates……and who do I see in one of the pics having a great time in a gogo? Yep

So yes, for the 25th time, I repeat……if you get rejected, move on, there’s 50,000 more birds to pursue. But you never know unless you try, whether in LOS or back home, but your odds are MUCH better in Pattaya, bargirl or not. Life is too short to not at least attempt a “ hello, how are you, would you like to go for noodles”

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