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qatar upperdeck economy A380


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dont knock im flying out on 21stdec for a 35day trip.checkin to my flight to check times so i can arrange my taxi to airport.now both my man to doha and doha to man was confrimed but my bkk flights had been cancelled.had 2option refund or acknowlegde.so i acknowledge my flight and got anew flight schedule same times as before but they had just upgraded the aircraft to the A380 nice that will do.

now i clicked to select my seat all seats are free to choose apart from by the emergency exit ones and upperdeck at back of the A380 plus u can get the emergency exit seats there to.at momment they are charging £71 eachway for this im tempted.but i want to if anyone has travelled upperdeck on economy and id it better and away from the family and kids.

  yes i have flown business on A380 once got a free upgrade when i checked in.i always try to dress smart new trousers or jeans nice shirt and foot wear.and it hasworked a few times on flights to.just could not afford to pay 3000plus this time for it do try get a deal if i can but never seem to see them

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I honestly don’t give 2 shites if you’re riding in the cargo compartments of a 1973 Nigerian turboprop…….you’re heading to the Kingdom for a nice vacation, which is better than I can I say for myself 

Have fun…..enjoy yourself 

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