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Where Was I? (02 November) Solved: "Debua"

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8 minutes ago, john luke said:

Hotel Soi Buakhao.  It is one, I understand where the bronze coloured decoration previously fell to the ground and had to be re done.

Thought this might be an easy one for you. As you're a mod I'll cut you some slack on the hotel name. :default_biggrin:

Edited to add: Would you edit the topic title to add " - Solved: Debua". Thanks.




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  • john luke changed the title to Where Was I? (02 November) Solved: "Debua"
24 minutes ago, Derek Dangleberries said:

What time ?...I might have walked passed you whilst you were scoffing food but it was so late in the day that I might have been hallucinating ....Around 10:30am I guess...

You were a bit earlier than me. Photo was snapped at 11:11:58 am.

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