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Gogo girls


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I feel compelled to write about my observations having read several places that the standard of ladies on the stages have fallen. I,ve heard fat and old and unattractive mentioned on forums. They can,t have been in the clubs l have. PinUp, Baccarat, Sapphire Dollhouse have oll got some lovely lookers. They tend to dance better than the old foot shuffle of past years. Also many have adopted the Filippine style of dressing groups into teams in the bars that change every 15 mins or so. I think it's an improvement on the past, just my opinion. Of course prices have skyrocketed, but fortunately my libido has plummeted with age so happy to enjoy the views. Club Saphires pint of Tiger during happy hour at 74bt has to be the cheapest beer per volume that l have ever seen! Loving living here.

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As long as you stick to draft beers and especially happy hour draft beers....GoGos are still very very cheap....And if you get really crazy and buy a single lady's drink, it won't break the bank....

And never buy those silly tequila shots for the girls on the trays ,that's just money down the toilet.....I have not bought a single one ever...

And if you enjoy ping pong balls just wait for the Japanese to buy them and then you can enjoy them for free... 

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