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Steerage anyone?


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Barcelona: Three stowaways were found on a ship’s rudder in the Canary Islands after an 11-day ocean voyage from Nigeria, Spain’s maritime rescue service said.

Three men are photographed on an oil tanker anchored in the port of the Canary Islands, Spain.



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    the part of a ship providing the cheapest accommodation for passengers.
    "poor emigrants in steerage"
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I was curious how that is even possible for someone to survive for 11 days sitting on rudder. Apparently there's a void space the stowaways can use to shelter in.

Use Of Rudder Trunk For Smuggling

With the creative imagination of a smuggler, the void space is large enough for a grown man to pass through and access the “platforms” higher up in the trunk. The space may be about 1.6 by 1.6 metres and with a height of about 2.5 metres. Cocaine, with or without accompanying smugglers/stowaways, can be hidden here during a sea voyage, for later pick-up in North America
or Europe.


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