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ScanDisk 256 MicroSD Card for sale - unused


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O.K. So I'm an idiot !

Changed my 'phone. Needed an SD card. Was told it was the small one, so went to TukCom and bought a Micro SD card. Got home - it's small, but still too big ! 

Google tells me I need a Nano SD card. Back to TukCom - they don't have any ( most shops don't even know what they are ). Lazada, order one.

As a result I have an unused 256 Gb / 120 Mb/Sec ScanDisk Micro SD that I don't need, can't use. It has been taken out of the blister on the card, but hasn't been used. Got the receipt from SUN Computer shop ( 990B ). Anyone interested. Don't expect full price, make me a sensible offer . . . . .



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