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Where was I? (12/01/2023) Solved

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  • john luke changed the title to Where was I? (12/01/2023) Solved
32 minutes ago, Nightcrawler said:

John, did you go inside or just loitering with intent?😁

I must admit, I have frequented that house of ill repute on a number of occasions in the past. Only to take shelter from.the rain of course 

No - I was early for the afternoon coffee meet, so just took a walk around the block.  I don't think the place was open in the afternoon.


One thing I notice is the name La Poste, (La being female) yet Le Pub uses Le which is male.

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38 minutes ago, john luke said:

Dare I say it, but I thought that 'Poste' and 'Pub' were non binary inanimate objects.

Not in France , every object is either masculine or feminine , if it ends in an e it's feminine iirc ...


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