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Anyone know this place?


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Recent reviews are very bad.  The hotel caters to Russians and the front desk staff doesn't speak much English, a sure sign the hotel doesn't care about non-Russians.  Reviewers say the Russian guests behave badly and run roughshod over other guests.

Pattaya has a hell of a lot better places in the same price category.  No reason to stay at that hotel.


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42 minutes ago, Derek Dangleberries said:

I kept quiet because I don't know the Jomtien area but after all the negative reviews I thought I'd stick my oar in ...

Last year I was asked much the same question by a friend of mine so I sent him these two videos ...





Had that guy walking behind me the other the week as I was on an early morning stroll. He's a lot younger than he sounds, which is just as well!!

Hearing his voice behind me sent a small shiver down my spine.  Unique delivery style, Arhur Negus on valium😀

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3 hours ago, Bazle said:

He sounds creepy to me! 

Agree Baz, as I said hearing his voice in real iife right behind me sent a shiver down my spine!!

I'd credit him a little for having the decency to film in the quietest part of the days.

Melts my brain how people take these vloggers uncriticially at face value. If someone stopped you in the street, who seemed normal, starting chatting and then recommended a pub/hotel/restuarant the words "What's in for you mate?" would be hurtling from your lips in seconds, if not milliseconds!!

Grown adults seem to lose their ability question when turning on a computer. Upside though means I can enjoy the decent places more😀 

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20 hours ago, Sherlock said:

Gets slated on Tripadvisor.

Personally, I would tell your mate to give it a wide berth!



Indeed. Once stayed at that giant hotel at the beginning of Jomtien B.R. (where the fire killed 96 people back when they were building it).

What a nightmare that turned out to be. Place turned out to be full of Chinese and Ruskies. I have never heard such racket in my life.

I could not believe the noise and level of rudeness there. 


Never again.


oh.... and the dogs outside were going at it ALL NIGHT LONG, every night.

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