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Just curious....about pictures.


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The last 3 days I have been unable to see pics from about 3 days ago. When I click on a topic that has pictures, the wheel at the top of my Mac just turns, nothing shows up, screen is blank. Anyone else getting that? Thanks....

Also, tried to send a pic via PM and it loads, says it is "done" but no picture is sent as it does not go through at all. 

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Sorry to all: it appears that the lovely "true vision" we use here for Internet, had some sort of problem they "forgot" to tell everyone about here locally in our area.  Wifey got them on the phone and read the riot act to them and we got the usual " solly" 

Something to do with one of the new 5G applications or something. She got me on the phone and the guy apologized too. Amazing Thailand! 

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