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Pregnant Serial Killer


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One sick person. Seems she killed her victims just to steal from them.

Suspect in alleged serial murders denied bail

Court approves detention as police say as many as 12 poisoning deaths may be linked

The Criminal Court on Wednesday approved a request by police investigators to further detain Sararat “Am” Rangsiwuthaporn, who is accused of killing a woman by putting cyanide in her food.

The former wife of a senior police officer, she is suspected of involvement in the deaths of a dozen people she had been in contact with and who died in similar circumstances.

Deputy national police chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn said on Wednesday that two more dead victims has been linked to Ms Sararat, bringing the total to 12.

There was one survivor, who has been giving information to police about her encounter with the accused. The woman was also poisoned and her heart stopped beating but a doctor managed to restore her heartbeat in time. Police were questioning her, said Pol Gen Surachate.
Investigators came to the belief Ms Sararat might be the person who had mixed cyanide in Siriporn’s food, causing her death. She allegedly also stole the victim’s valuables. This led to her arrest.


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1 hour ago, Yessongs said:

Yeah big news here for sure, even wifey was " aghast" at this woman. Certainly don't want to go to dinner with her.

God, just when you think you have seen everything here! 

Happens all the time and everywhere.

Current court case here in Perth.

Perth man set up covert sting to catch wife ‘poisoning’ him


A Perth woman has been accused of trying to murder her husband after he suspected she was slowly poisoning him and set up a covert operation to catch her.

Bozena Knapinski, 62, was arrested on April 5 after her husband of 39 years, Robert Knapinski, 62, secretly recorded her allegedly spiking his water bottles with saline medication while at their Embleton home.

Robert set up the recordings in February following years of mystery illnesses which doctors were unable to diagnose.


(Behind a paywall. If you use chrome try an incognito window)

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