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Korat City nightlife


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13 hours ago, Bazle said:

I just came across this webpage which some might find useful if they are visiting Korat:


Thanks for posting, its a tad out of date regarding the farang bars, George & Dragon and Oasis are now closed and the Check Inn is now called the Monkey Bar. The mention of Osaka fishbowl brings back happy memories, you could get some real lovelies and the ST room for 950bht 10 years ago, we farangs used to call it the ''Japanese Embassy'' so as to not let on to our wives/GF's lol

Tawan Daeng is a great place for an evening out, been many many times with wifey and other couples. 

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19 hours ago, Bazle said:

I have used the Redcat site for many years during my motorcycle travels around Thailand and neighbouring countries..

As stated above, much of it is from pre covid and as such is not always accurate, but it's still a most helpful website for us whoremongers.....

I've not looked recently, but the chap also covered Cambodia and Laos too, which i also used to refer to.

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