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Mr Jacks - Replica Watch Seller


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Now i'd like to buy this watch from Mr Jacks when i'm next in Pattaya, should be middle/end of August.  Can any of you locals do me a massive favour and pop in there when you're close by and ask him if he can get for me ?

Thanks for any help guys.


Screenshot 2023-06-17 080841.png

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18 hours ago, Lantern said:

I paid him 3000THB for a Rolex. Lasted about three months after I got back and lost about 10 minuets per day all the time I had it.

What would a high end one cost?


Well i've got a collection of replicas which my two sons take one of their choice every time they visit me or i will take one each to the UK for them. I have to say in the 16 years i've been buying them i've had little or no problems with them, maybe i'm just lucky lol

From memory the high end watches range from 10K- 15K according to the model. 

I had a genuine two tone Oyster Perpetual i bought in 1995 in the UK cost me £2650, the jeweler reduced it from the standard £3150 cos i paid cash. Now when i moved permanently to Thailand in 2007 and saw the array of replicas available i thought whats the point of having a genuine Rolex, everybody would think its just another replica so my son sold it for me in the UK for £1650 on Ebay.


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