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The suspected scam that wasn't!


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When I switched on my 'phone this morning, 15 November, at just after 7:30, I found the following text message purporting to come from HSBC:

I thought it was a scam as the times they mention were 5 hours AHEAD, and the amounts they quote are zero. This thought was reinforced when I Googled the number it was sent from (+447537438061): the "Who Called Me" type sites were generally saying it was a dangerous number.

However, the card number quoted is correct.

So, I called HSBC and got put through to the Fraud Department. That proved easy, mainly because HSBC deploy voice recognition. But it then got a lot more difficult as the person I spoke with was pretty certainly in India and he had a very strong accent, and the line was not exactly crystal clear.

Long story short. The text message had come from HSBC, by the sound of it from him or one of his colleagues, which explained why it was so badly written. Someone had been using my card details - all sorts of strange transactions e.g. amounts which included cents, an eye company in Canary Wharf (London), etc.

Most but not all of the transactions have been taken care of. One hasn't, though, because it hasn't been "statemented" yet; I have to 'phone back when it appears on my statement.

As I have not handed over my card to anyone for a very long time, this fraud was obviously perpetrated by someone who had received details for an on-line order.

HSBC are to send me a new card, and have cancelled the one mentioned.

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