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Electrolux Washing Machine Control Panel

Fat Prophet

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A gecko crawled into my washing machine and when I tried to turn it on, it shorted out the control panel (and fried the gecko). I called a repair man who showed me the dead gecko and the black area around it, and said that the control panel was shorted out. A new control panel is B7800. The washing machine works (worked) perfectly but it is more than 10 years old. It has had very little use. A brand new Washing Machine is B8500. It makes no sense to pay B7800 to repair a 10 year old washer when a brand new one can be purchased for B700 more with a new product warranty.  Can the control panel be repaired/rebuilt? If yes, can anyone direct me to a shop that can do the repair/rebuild of the control panel (Electrolux brand)? Might a second-hand part be available? I hate to throw away a "perfectly good" washing machine except for a shorted out control panel. Thanks for any help/guidance that anyone can give. I live in the Jomtien area. FP

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