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So's Place on Soi 15 behind The Avenue

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So's Place Restaurant & Bar is a small family-owned establishment on Soi 15 across the street from The Avenue shopping plaza.  It serves standard Thai dishes at low prices, with only a couple of Western dishes on the menu.

The food is excellent and the service is very friendly. There's nothing fancy about So's Place, but it's cheap and cheerful, which is exactly what many tourists and long-term residents are looking for in a neighborhood eatery.  It's open daily between noon and midnight, with last orders for food taken at 11.00 p.m.
So's has been in business for a few years and has built a loyal following.  It recently expanded, taking over a beer bar next door and knocking down the wall between them.  This is what it looked like before the expansion:
And now:
Most of the dishes at So's run between 80 and 120 baht.  It's home-style Thai cooking by a lady who knows what she's doing.
The portions aren't huge, but they are certainly adequate.  My favorite is  the minced pork with holy basil.
It costs 80 baht, with an egg atop the rice an extra 15 baht.
The waitresses at So's ask each diner whether he or she wants the dish spicy. One nice is that diners get a cold towel before the meal.
The dishes on the menu at So's will be familiar to anyone who enjoys Thai food.  I'll include more pics in the next post.
As I mentioned,  So's mainly serves Thai food, but on Saturdays it offers a U.S.-style smoked pork rib dinner for 299 baht.  
 I'll write about the rib dinner in the "Under 300 Baht ...And Good" thread. It's available on Saturdays beginning at 6.30 p.m.
On Mondays,  So's has live music, a band which performs classic U.S. rock 'n roll. 
I was surprised to hear them do,  "Willie and the Hand Jive," one Monday as I walked past.  I thought they sounded quite good and I enjoy classic r 'n r, but they were just too loud for me.  My ears hurt from across the street; no way was I getting any closer.

So's is a good option if you have occasion to take a Thai family out to dinner.  A friend from the U.S. had his GF's two children and parents on a visit and asked me about a restaurant to take them for a meal.  The parents never eat farang food and wouldn't feel comfortable in a fancy Thai restaurant.  So's fit the bill, especilly since it was close to where they were staying.



The total cost for the meal for seven people (eight dishes ) was 1,500 baht with tip and drinks, including six bottles of beer.  The family was happy with the food and he was happy with the price. 



Last night I had a great bowl of what's called Chinese noodle soup on the menu.  


It comes in several different versions (chicken, pork and seafood).  I took the one with pork.  It was very tasty with fresh ingredients and an excellent broth.



The cook sure didn't skimp on either the noodles or the pork.  It was a filling meal for 80 baht.  The seafood version (shrimp and squid) costs 120 baht.

Changes are underway at So's and I'll update this thread when they are official.

Bottom line:  If you want good Thai food at a low price, So's is an excellent choice. I should add that I eat frequently at So's, but not only on the basis of the food.  It's a very convenient location for me.

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Very nice. Thank you. I’ve walked past there many times. But had heard mixed things about it. I’ll have to give it a try now.

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Agree about the music being too loud.... last Trip i regularly ate at the now demolished Spagetti Bistro, and on a Monday you couldnt talk to your neighbour comfortably in SB because of the noise the band were making.

The meals I had in So's place were good, just not on a Monday...!

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Good review and food looked nice. I quite like these types of places, simple but fair in pricing. Good location for me as we stay at Areca.

theres one member here who’ll like it as he’s a ‘krapow’ Fan 👍

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I'll post more pics of the food at So's as soon as I'm back at my laptop.

Other customers and I have spoken with the owners about volume of the music. It's been toned down quite a bit, but this was only an issue when they have live performances, which is once or twice a week.

The volume of the canned background music at other times is low.


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OK, assorted pics of past meals at So's Place.
Thai-style "omelette" filled with minced pork and vegetables:
Shrimp with black pepper and garlic:
Pork and vegetable stir-fry with oyster sauce:
Pad thai:
Pork noodle soup:
Crispy pork with kale:

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 I have pretty well eaten my way through the whole menu at So's, so I finally got around to trying the sweet and sour chicken,  It and chicken with cashews are the last two dishes I order at a Thai restaurant.  Nothing inherently wrong with either, but all too often they' are adapted to meet farang expectations  based on Chinese restaurants in the West.  

I'm happy to say  that wasn't the case at So's.  It wasn't overly sweet from sugar or  a plateful of pineapple chunks.


The dish had plenty of vegetables and chicken, with only a couple of pieces of pineapple.  The sauce was indeed well balanced between sweet and sour.  It cost 80 baht.



Another good meal at So's.  I was hungry  one night, so I had a big bowl of pork noodle soup for 80 baht:


 followed by garlic fried spare ribs at 145 baht.  The ribs were meaty and tender, while the sliced garlic had been fried crispy without any burning.  With rice and a bottle of water, the meal cost 280 baht in all.







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I can confirm So's is once again serving food and has been since Tuesday.  So far there's no sign of any significant changes.  The menu's the same, with prices unchanged. A few counters have been removed, but nothing that suggests a major renovation.

Last night I had the soup with pork balls, vegetables and tofu (80 baht) and rice (25 baht).  Delicious!


The soup was full of vitamins and fiber as well as flavor.  It's always an extra plus when a dish that tastes good is also good for you.


You won't get fat on this sort of food.


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