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  1. Great series about the American Revolution Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. This did not happen to me, but I was with my friend when it happened to her and her husband. I am from the Los Angeles area and we were in New Orleans on Bourbon Street for a conference. We were all drinking like fish. Having a good time taking in all the music and people watching. Now they are both very religious but have a fun side to them and like to party a bit. We walked past a bar that advertised "Live Sex Show." At the time I had never been to one and I jokingly told my friend, "Hey, let's check it out." We sat there and laughed and joked about going in for about 2-3 minutes. I finally talked them into going in to "take a look." We all took 1-2 steps toward the bar, when suddenly the door swung open and a gentleman in his early 50's came out. They looked at him, he looked at them and they both turned away from each other and walked opposite directions. I ran up to my friends and asked, "What happened, who was that?" She said, "That was our pastor!!" We all died in laughter and shock. We never did make into the place, they were mortified.
  3. From LAX I prefer these 3 in order: EVA Cathay Pacific China Southern Based upon these factors: Cost Flight times Departure and Arrival times Comfort of plane
  4. I have not read through this entire thread, however . . . I am unsure if anyone has noticed . . . there are "currency rates" at the bottom of the home page of this forum.
  5. Yes, thank you. I actually had to supply health coverage for this application. I am working on getting the insurance documents for 2021 so I can ensure I get my extension next year.
  6. Unsure, however in my case, I sent in my application with passport to the Thai Embassy in the USA. It was just about to be approved when travel was halted. So the representative at the Thai Embassy called me to inform me it was approved. She had the foresight to hold onto my Passport and did not insert the Visa approval yet. We are waiting for travel to open back up, so I can proceed. I don't really need my passport so I told her to keep it for now.
  7. Thanks for these great photos. I was in Hiroshima in June 2019 and I really enjoyed the city. It seemed so peaceful.
  8. I live alone in the USA from 26 December to 24 April. Then head to Thailand from 26 April to 26 December for my fill of social interaction and fun. This year sucks as I am stuck at home like most of us.
  9. I was in Hiroshima in June 2019. It was a very nice city. Thanks for sharing your photos as it brought back a lot of memories.
  10. Thanks for sharing your story and photos. I have been to Shenzhen three times and it is my favorite Chinese city along with Beijing.
  11. I normally stay a hotels months at a time, however now that I have my retirement visa I will be looking to get rent a condo to save some baht. I still own property in the USA and I prefer to rent long term only as I also travel while in Thailand.
  12. What is a reasonable rent for a 1 bedroom condo in Central Pattaya? I have seen 10,000 to 25,000 baht during my search, but I just started to look. Something like the Edge or the Urban seems to be my style (newer and decent location).
  13. I highly recommend: Peaky Blinders Breaking Bad Better Call Saul Money Heist Stranger Things Naked Director
  14. Shoe Dog. The story of Nike. It is kind of neat personally as there is a section that talks about a family friend who sold part of his patent to Nike. The Air Sole. Puma, Adidas, and Reebok were all offered first and all said no.
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