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  2. Call me an old romantic, but I like to lavish a sweetheart with Pearl Neckless as a Valentine's gift.
  3. Congratulations and all best wishes.
  4. Agree but it seems only a short while ago Lampard was getting merit. But I guess sign of the times you have big money at your disposal to buy players, plus a big salary you have to perform 100%. Also, your only as good as your last five games.
  5. It may well be that they have done some sort of blanket increase across the board to cover people spending more time in the home.
  6. Brilliant, Hurst & Greaves upfront for WHU- love the pitch 🙂
  7. I haven't set foot in my house for 10 months. The heating comes on for 10 minutes every morning and the fridge, freezer and a few other things will use some electricity. EDF last week proposed a 30% increase to my Direct Debit to make sure I didn't fall behind. Clowns.
  8. Baked Cajun chicken breast with mashed potatoes, gravy, and sweet corn.
  9. Today
  10. Perusing my latest gas/electricity bill. Normally I am in Thailand for most of November through to at least February, which are of course the coldest months here in UK. Considering setting up a go fund me page.😀
  11. To be fair his job is telephone sales/support, he probably works to a script and has no need of technical knowledge. I couldn't tell you the BHP of any car that I've ever owned because I just don't care enough to look it up, but as discussed on here recently, I could still do most of my own maintenance in days gone, by so not a car dunce.
  12. Congratulations Code. I've always maintained if you enjoy your work and produce the best possible product, the bottom line will take care of itself and people will beat a path to your door. Seems like you're living and working by the same philosophy. The beauty of our line of work is there are no shortage of opportunities to apply our skillset for coming up with solutions. Just have to keep your eyes open to spot the opportunities which by your comment "there is a shit load of new software solutions to develop" tells me you are. Also sounds like you have a great balance between work
  13. I used to do the same, but got annoyed by the headphone wire snagging on stuff. Invested in a nice 5.1 surround system, but bailed on that for movies as my tinnitus is so bad now I had a very difficult time hearing and understanding the dialog sometimes. The solution that has been working great for me are a pair of 188B Bluetooth ear buds I bought on Lazada. Proof that you don't always have to spend an arm and leg for decent quality.
  14. But you need to be practical Code, "adventure and excitement" won't pay the bills and have you considered what happens when and if the dosh runs out after you're gone, you could still have a youngish family that need financial support not to mention an ageing wife/widow. I know of a guy who was living here who sold a very successful business in Europe 20 years ago for what was then "big money", guess what happened........... He ran outta dosh and had to return to Europe to earn again and thats where he currently is and he's not happy, but at least he got his Thai wife with him.
  15. Yes, for sure! I have gotten . to my amazement out of the "never trust anyone" syndrome . I trust Beach gal , and love Ziggy with everything inside of me . Beach gal has changed me . a pretty simple statement but true . I was a tough Brooklyn boy . never any fear about anything or anyone . aimless in life . now I got something I want . My "demise" have never been about "dosh" . that has never been a problem . . my problem has been adventure and excitement . and plus, I never gave a shit . f**k it . bring it on 6 Years locked up by the Feds changed me a little . f**k you . I tho
  16. Perhaps he was under orders. His old boss at the time admitted he downplayed the seriousness to avoid panic.
  17. Just arranged a DHL pickup to get some documents to the SSA at US Embassy Manila.
  18. Agree, but that was not the question. He admitted that he knowing lied about the wearing of masks to prevent a run on them when they were in short supply for first responders. He did not make a mistake, he lied through his teeth.
  19. It's a model of a herpes virus. http://www.taylorcustom.com/virus-keychain/ Of course, there's always the Cheap Charlie method as well.
  20. Good luck with whatever you decide. I think your age and motivation will be a big decider in your decision not to mention the younger you are the more dosh you will need to maintain your current lifestyle through to your demise. I know when i was offered the chance to retire at 50 yo with a wheelbarrow full of pension they did'nt have to ask twice lol. I then took a couple of years off doing things i wanted to do and then went to work adhoc for a mate of mine looking after kids with mental health problems autistic/adhd and the like. Whatever you decide make sure its right for you and fami
  21. I got an offer to sell my software ( trademarks and all ) business to Panasonic ... They bought from me MEMS ( Medical Equipment Management System ) about 4 years ago which was another pretty comprehensive software app This time I am selling them . A Vaccination Analysis and Diabetes Protocol Management System developed in a huge data warehouse and an elegant UI ( User Interface ) . which is deployed in 28 hospitals here in Thailand The only thing left to do is guarantee the people that work for me a 5 year employment contract with guaranteed salaries .. which I am sure that they
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