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  2. And as if by magic
  3. When emotions are involved it blurs all logic.... But without emotions we would just be robots, so..... But then again, I am a born romantic ...so I guess I am doomed ? 😁😁🤔🤔
  4. Age (or OP) before apostrophe?
  5. It's especially hard when it's family, usually parents getting blackmailed, gimme the money or I will go rob, steal, sell my body, whatever … But tough love is required, it needs brought to a head, as it's only enabling. But as I say, it's hard when there are emotions involved.
  6. I would hazard a guess you are right. I don't think punctuation will be high on the list of winning requirements.
  7. lol .. you are still alive .. aren't you .. so I don't believe this addiction shit .. you maybe indulged a little ... so have I .... are you are using it as excuse for some unknown reason .. f**k it Bro .. Cowboy Up .. man up .. I have never understood this addiction shit .. yea , something can bite you .. drag you to your knees .. f**k with you relentlessly big time .. but, sooner or later you have to Cowboy up .. and take the fight to your internal conflict .. f**k everything else
  8. Laker Airways also operated the DC-10 & he got some stick for not grounding theirs in the aftermath of the accident. Laker Airways followed the maintenance manual instructions.
  9. When the staff come online I guess there will be a merging, wonder which one will remain.
  10. Wish I had Phil internet went down in both Irish Rovers and Murphy's.Anyway see you soon mate.
  11. I noticed yes. I had to do a double take, incase I was having an acid flashback
  12. Twas. It's just up a bit before the Rozzers station. She makes it all herself, lovely.
  13. There is a slight difference between the two thread titles.
  14. galenkia


    Isle of Man TT fortnight started yesterday. Proper racing.👍
  15. Yea, a balance is good, some stuff I want to experience myself, but other stuff that saves me needless hassle or money etc, I can do without.
  16. Proper spicy Thai red curry always works for me. It's a sudden rumbling and rush to the toilet next morning for me ...
  17. In which case I wouldnt have 3 stunning children . Whilst I'm no longer with mum all 3 boys are fanny magnets beyond belief
  18. If only there was already a thread for Secrets stuff ...
  19. I have veneers on top jaw shade 3/20 but I swear to God that Darlie toothpaste makes the buggers a shade whiter which is impossible as veneers dont change or absorb colour. The bottom jaw which was perfectly straight anyway without veneers is virtually as white as the veneers with that toothpaste lol. God alone knows whats in it
  20. I would expect that the only way they could take the tax is to add it to the price of a ticket in the form of a government tax, it would be difficult to just collect it on arrival if efficient airports is the norm. Of course a guy coming 6 times a year could be that guy that has no insurance so he is covered. Then again if he can afford 6 times a year then he should have the money for medical insurance. When an airline ticket is issued on purchase anywhere I can't see how an extra check of holding insurance could be viable, it surely can only be incorporated in to the overall price of a ticket which affects everybody.
  21. Today
  22. I remember when that toothpaste was called Darkie....used to use it when I lived in Brunei in the late 80's.
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