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    Thai airways

    The Change/ refund fees were part of the conditions when I booked. I knew that. AUD $150 was the charge when I requested a refund when they cancelled my booking/ flight etc 10 - 12 weeks before they refund. Normally 5- 6 weeks. I don't like to lose $150 but I don't want Thai Airways to go broke because of the virus etc either. No winners in this at all.
  3. My hair is well trained to only grow on the sides so get Mrs. rock to give the rest a #2 and it's sorted for a few months When she first came here I told her it's kiwi land you have to know how to shear sheep now she even gives the young fella a trim to ( he's 20 now ) if she thinks he's getting scruffy
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  5. Iv got a rug it's all good
  6. Used clippers, often myself, for a lot of years now. Decided to let it grow during this ‘lockdown’, just for a change. Also grew a beard for a couple of weeks, no idea how anyone can enjoy having one, shaved it off yesterday and feels great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Not the only one. They might end up as good as you.
  8. I have used clippers for over 30 years. I like a low maintenance skinhead look.
  9. tjg27

    Thai airways

    Ebookers have waived any of their fees Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  10. Confinement and consumption? I don't drink here in the States. But all day it's 4:20 somewhere. 555
  11. When I came home, I had a pre booked tesco delivery. They delivered 3 boxes of cans of tonic to go with the gin I had at home. Every morning I look at them and think a g+t would be nice, and promising myself one that evening. Every evening i forget about it.... Does that make me a forgetful alcoholic?
  12. I sent a regular bf mine my 5k this week, I felt I owed it to her because when the bars closed she stayed with me for 10 days, I spoke to her about paying her and she said she didn't want anything, I just fed us both but decided I'd help her out and will do so again until this is all sorted. Another girl I know in Phuket asked me to check the grammar and punctuation of some school work for a friend of her, and offered to pay I said I'd look at it and refused payment, it took me an hour and a half to sort out, it was 22 pages but most of it was ok. The next day she asked me to look at another piece of homework that was only 4 pages and again insisted I accept payment, this time it was a nightmare, she wanted it back in 6 hours, it took me about 4 hours. I sent it back and my friend said she'd been given 2 k to send to me.
  13. I had a haircut the day before they closed the salons in pattaya. I'm hoping it'll last for a few months.... although it starts looking scruffy (who cares!) after a while. I might invest in a set of clippers if it gets too bad and risk doing it myself. Then I will be scruffy!!
  14. What are you doing about your hair during the lockdown? Several will have partners who will cut it for them, but how about everyone else? I see my options as letting it grow and looking really untidy, or shaving the whole lot off. Neither appeals! 😔
  15. Still alcohol free 👍 Though I can imagine people drinking more out of boredom.
  16. Just got back from food shopping at M&S. Was surprisingly busy. Always been quiet when I have been before. Got enough food to last until next weekend. A lot of people think M&S is expensive but it was only £41.
  17. Alcohol: has your intake gone up, gone down, or remained the same during the lock-down? Why?
  18. Probably be a flood of new babies end of the year, with the old 'too tired for sex' excuse not gonna work 😀
  19. Beach Gal has told me not once but 1,000 times -- "Everything is possible in Thailand"
  20. Well, it didn't take long for a movie to come.out on this..... And guess who raises its ugly head ? Racism..... "Seven people stuck in a lift. Then one coughs... Corona: Fear is a Virus tells the story of seven people trapped in a lift and the chaos that ensues when one of them starts to cough. It's thought to be the first film about the disease. Its Canadian director, Mostafa Keshvari, talked to the BBC's Tom Brook." https://www.bbc.com/news/video_and_audio/headlines/52232382/coronavirus-seven-people-stuck-in-a-lift-then-one-coughs
  21. annoying yes, a trial for sure and a fail. they were trting to keep the suk clear. if u think that a pain, wait until you here the next plan. will be out later today but it will certainly be different. FWIW i dont blame them any more for the "watch the farang" thing, as they include chinks and koreans and nips in the whole bag with us. most of the cases came via non thais, fact. and they are scared, as any admin would be, of ending up like a lot of western countries. my theory, anyone who doesnt like it, f off home.. where I am sure the bag count is 100 times that of here, sadly. I know the people making the decisions, and I talked to them again today. they were in meetings till very late last night to try and fathom out a good alternative
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