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  2. I braved a fire breathing.... But it works!!
  3. I got married in shorts, meant to get married on the Friday but whilst on way to Bangkok in a taxi on the Thursday we got redirected to the registry office. It was trainers, shorts and a t-shirt for me, very poor show I know.
  4. It certainly has made for an interesting and fun topic.
  5. Spoke to another two gogo bar owners onWS last night and this afternoon. Both think it’s all hype.
  6. So pleased with my new sign.
  7. Today
  8. Now it hits the UK:- 14 tested for Wuhan coronavirus virus in UK as death toll hits 25 Public Health England says 14 people have been tested for the Wuhan coronavirus in the UK - with five cleared and nine awaiting test results. Six Chinese nationals remained in isolation in the UK yesterday while treatment and tests are carried out - two in Glasgow, one in Edinburgh, one in Belfast and others in undisclosed locations. At least one is thought to have flown in via London. It is also being reported that a desperate hunt is now under way for 2,000 recent arrivals in the UK from China. They all arrived in Britain within the last two weeks. Four NHS trusts in the capital have been put on standby to receive patients. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has insisted Britain can cope with any outbreak. While in China now:- Footage Shows People Dropping To The Ground In China Amid Coronavirus Outbreak Shocking footage showing people in China falling down in the streets and in hospital has been shared online, as authorities attempt to control the coronavirus outbreak outbreak. Wuhan, which has been identified as the city where the deadly coronavirus started, has been placed into lockdown. Now footage, reportedly filmed in the city, has emerged showing people dropping to the ground while emergency workers walk around in hazmat suits. Yesterday images were shared online showing panicked residents stocking up on food and other essentials while the city remains in lockdown. One clip shows a man lying on the ground while medics attempt to help him. Other clips show packed hospitals - as hundreds of people turn up to be tested. Officials have said a brand-new 1,000-bed hospital will be built in just six days in an attempt to keep up with demand. The hospital is being built around a holiday complex on the outskirts of the city, Changjiang Daily reports. The news outlet claims the hospital is designed to 'solve the shortage of existing medical resources', adding that the buildings will be prefabricated, potentially reducing construction time and costs.
  9. Thailand confirms fifth case of China Coronavirus BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thailand on Friday confirmed its fifth case of the new coronavirus, a senior public health official said, in the second instance in which a patient was not detected at the airport before entering the country. “The patient is a 33-year-old woman from Wuhan on vacation,” Deputy Public Health Minister Sathit Patucha told Reuters, adding that she was under quarantine at Rajavithi hospital and her condition was improving. The woman arrived in Bangkok on Jan. 21 with her daughter and visited a private hospital complaining of a fever, coughing and muscle aches before being transferred to a government hospital on Jan. 23, Sathit said. Her daughter tested negative for the virus. A Thai woman who contracted the virus after spending the New Year in Wuhan was admitted to Nakhon Pathom hospital, 60 km (40 miles) west of Bangkok, on Jan. 15 and discharged on Friday after lab tests cleared her of the virus, the Public Health Ministry said in a statement. Thailand currently has two patients under quarantine for the virus. China has stepped up measures to contain the virus, which has killed 25 people and infected more than 800, with public transport suspensions in 10 cities, temples shutting, and the rapid construction of a new hospital to treat those infected. The Wuhan airport was closed on Jan. 23.
  10. My company in Oman had just changed my status to accompanied....
  11. fygjam


    Probably less than 10%, just to get the amylase and maybe some colour. Real beer is made from 100% barley. Should be called Vietnamese alcoholic rice water with hops.
  12. forcebwithu


    The malt is barley malt.
  13. The missing New Bat sign.
  14. Not to take this off topic too much but did you still have to apply online for your visa before visiting Hull?
  15. Funny you should say that. I was asked when they took the order whether I wanted medium or spicey. I went for spicey. I didn't have any sinus problems after eating that. Lol.
  16. I was getting excited when I saw an update on this thread. But no. By way of information, earlier this week I attended at the Royal Thai Consulate at Hull. The staff there said that no one had attended there with a blue UK passport. Does look as if they have not started to issue them as yet.
  17. Individualised passports? Chose your own slogan?? Lol!
  18. Just watched the first episode. I wish I had time to watch it all now as it's got me hooked.
  19. Because the new passport is made by a French company 🙂
  20. No Monty Python ... someone at the Exoress didn't look closely enough 555
  21. One of the annoying consequences for secret services... It's making life for spies and secret agents much more complicated. https://news.yahoo.com/shattered-inside-the-secret-battle-to-save-americas-undercover-spies-in-the-digital-age-100029026.html The familiar trope of Jason Bourne movies and John le Carré novels where spies open secret safes filled with false passports and interchangeable identities is already a relic, say former officials — swept away by technological changes so profound that they're forcing the CIA to reconsider everything from how and where it recruits officers to where it trains potential agency personnel. Instead, the spread of new tools like facial recognition at border crossings and airports and widespread internet-connected surveillance cameras in major cities is wiping away in a matter of years carefully honed tradecraft that took intelligence experts decades to perfect
  22. Brilliant from the Express ... 5555
  23. fygjam


    Ingredients: Water, malt, RICE and hops. Beer is made with BARLEY.
  24. Could be Robin changing his shorts.
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