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  2. Very surprised to see so many ladies with short hair, for some reason I thought that was a more recent trend.
  3. I love the place, even today. i can't ever remember having a bad time in Patts, its never happened.
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  5. anyone feeling generous. its pattaya103@hotmail.com for PP but this is not a begging message 🙂
  6. Send me paypal details or whatever, i'll contribute. Like you, i promised Lanza the forum would go on.
  7. For the next time, Letsencrypt certificates are free and can automatically be renewed.
  8. F—k me, how sad some people can be. Pathetic
  9. I fixed it. our subsription had expired today. so duly paid. for what its worth the fees for this site are not horrendous, as you may read elsewhere. our annual costs for site, invision and hosting appear to be around 24K baht a year.. that may raise some eyebrows anyone feeling helpful, let me know. I have paid the lot today and have an empty payp0al, but if no one does, thats fine too. I promised him we would somehow keep it going Its my fault. Phil wanted me to transfer it all over to me and I refused as was still with us and its against my way. end result, a bit of a clusterfuck today but I think sorted. also we owe thanks to Phil, Plaka, who talked me thru this and is likely to join as admin to take care of this stuff that i dont understand 🙂 Tommy
  10. I was getting the security message earlier, (2 or 3 hours ago), but seems fixed now.
  11. Looks like it's been fixed now. Are others having any problems accessing the site?
  12. its bollox but I will pass on and try to get sorted. i can guess who reported it
  13. Getting the same. Admin have been informed
  14. Noticed the same problem. I think you should report this directly to admin.
  15. Just got this when accessing the forum - looks like a security certificate expired a few minutes ago. Tech support input required.
  16. Yep. They definitely want to avoid that, or for that matter, any at all in the first months. Who really knows since Covid can spread from carriers that are asymptomatic. Theoretically a person can be tested "OK" right before they depart to TH, cross paths with a contagious person prior to taking off, enter the country nor showing viral symptoms, and develop an infection (active or asymptomatic). If that person then receives a false negative test result right before they are let out into the general public and are still contagious, they would become a possible Covid-19 spreader. I know it sounds far fetched but it's plausible. If it does in TH... BOOM... everything shuts down again. I hope not.
  17. I think that would get swept under the carpet if it happened.
  18. Fair enough that and I can see your point as you're mates with them. Best to leave it at that though as his spies will be reporting to him that the "Poodles and haters'' here are slagging him off again, I'm not slagging him off I'm just saying that the Rockhouse offers me personally absolutely nothing to entice me in there.
  19. Why did he start that comment with the word "Congratulations"?
  20. It would be very embarrassing to both countries if any on the first batch proved Covid19 positive.
  21. Jambo

    Pattaya 1984

    I doubt if many people would disagree. On the other hand when they have to leave the pub at 10pm in the UK this rejuvenated "hansum man" will just be warming up. Well I will be when I get back to Patts next week. 😛
  22. That is an easy one to answer: To see Alex. The only reason an expat would visit the Rockhouse in the present climate would be if they wished to say Hi to Alex because they enjoy his company. Of course, there is another side to that coin! 🥴 Exactly the same reason I would visit Ricky in Pandora because I have known him for years not because I wish to pay 160 baht for a beer when I could get one for 44 baht almost opposite! I like the guy and know he is losing money every single day he remains open. It is the same reason Le Pub makes a profit when it is doubtful many, if any, venues in the Walking Street area can say the same. It is not so much the bar but the individual owner who loyal customers go to see and support.
  23. May I ask what's your reason ? I just hit a point 2 years ago where I was with a couple of mates upstairs in Kink and they were eating out girls which I used to have a thing for doing and it sort of hit home that I wasn't enjoying being there at all. My last barfine was February 2019 and last paid for shag was June 2019, I see my ex every now and again and that will do me, just no interest in the p4p nowadays at all.
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