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  2. BarryL

    El Chapo

    may be open bar ther soon
  3. And used to see him quite often in Secrets late night when we were there. Always liked him, and enjoyed times in his 'Easy ' bar. Sad he fell on hard times. Last time I saw him I didn't recognise him, he was a fraction of his previous size.
  4. I feel the need ... the need for speed
  5. I'm sure the owner of the Nightwish group will have contacts inside the supermax prison. He has contacts everywhere he tells people.
  6. It'll end up in a lamb red curry this weekend.
  7. Have always loved pumpkin, a pain to cut up (from the whole pumpkin) but lovely when eaten. I love a pumpkin soup.
  8. I like them well done but those sausages etc have been cremated lol
  9. Krapow

    El Chapo

    Supermax! Think this is a job for the Nightwish group!
  10. Just acquired earlier. Judging by what I've read in here, I'll most likely end up with my 2nd child in 9 months time.
  11. Really enjoyed that, it also helped me to remember two areas I used to frequent back in the late 80's and early 90's, namely Tobacco Road and the Cowboy annex. Those up stairs bars in Patpong were also some great places to have fun. The sex shows were really quite well put together although the face of boredom on the guy whilst having to roger a good looking lass was brilliant.
  12. Brilliant, thanks for posting Buckskin Joe Village was always my favourite of the ones I visited
  13. Bangkok Eyes has excelled itself this month and nailed down an accurate (he was there) detailed history of all the Bangkok foreigner orientated bar and nightlife areas going back 50 years or so. http://www.bangkokeyes.com/2019jul01.html Outstanding piece of research and publishing, don't think this has ever been done before in this depth and detail.
  14. Oh those bars, blimey you guys know the names of so many places I have drank at yet I couldn't tell you the names of maybe more than 5 bars across Pattaya.
  15. Didn't he used to pop in to Le Pub every now and again?
  16. Tonight's grub by the lake in France. Sausages and burgers with veg. Chocolate mousse with bananas for dessert. Washed down with a Guinness.
  17. Saw his ex-wife Al last week and she hasn’t heard anything from him.
  18. 12/20 Prem clubs now have betting platforms as their shirt sponsor 🙄 https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/49032116 Some don't even bother to use English words or names.
  19. There is a TV in there with tables and chairs. They have a winter syndicate on this lake and they use that as a base camp. It's hard to see but there is a normal tv aerial there too. Will take a pic and edit to show.
  20. What the hell is this... satellite dish in the bog....?
  21. it really is and counts as one of the worst Wetherspoon pubs I have been in. I was at the bus stop opposite about 2 weeks ago when there 3 police cars (including a van with 5-6 coppers) and an ambulance outside The Good Yarn. Obvious a bit of bother inside and I did see a patron being carried out and put into the ambulance.
  22. Yessongs

    El Chapo

    I think Thumper 63 is going to make a bold move and attempt to get him out LOL! @thumper63 Chai Mai? Good riddance to this dirt bag.
  23. Some of the JFK - LHR flights I've been on have had a lot of BA folk using their staff concessions as it's the route with the most capacity by some margin. The whole UD on a 747 once other than me and Mum was staff I think who when they boarded were a bit merry. When we made it clear we weren't averse to a jovial atmosphere there was pretty much an audible sigh of relief from them all.
  24. That's not bad. I remember when it was max $100 and there were only about 5 ATM's in Phnom Penh and they were all inside banks so only accessible in working hours.
  25. Shaksey


    Singapore is one of the Grands Prix I want to attend soon. Doing Budapest in a couple of weeks to tick off another one.
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