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  2. That fucker of a tv on the wall,on the left when you walk in....that’s a clear TV. What is it?I was sitting directly opposite it with Boingo and Deano that night,and I just remember thinking “f**k that’s a clear TV”. but forgot to mention it,😁 Deano BTW......he don’t like me much.😁
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  4. Good to know. If there's ever anything I really need, and Decathlon is the easiest place to get it, I'll come prepared to give them my garbage email address.
  5. Well wifey and i had a blast and i hope that was the case with all attendees. Many thanks to Phil and Jambo for the food it was scrummy but the sangsom coke took priority and by christ i paid for it the following morning with a king size hangover 🙄 To be repeated i hope, it was real nice to put a face to boardie names and i can confirm they're a bloody good sociable bunch, the ladies looked lovely too 👍
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  7. Jesus wept.....whilst I didnt disbelieve the above post I can probably better it lol.....about 60 seconds !! (if that must be close to instant) I hit the send button from Halifax to TW.....2 pings immediately from email cash received and sent back out.... Just on off chance logged into SCB online and it was already there !! Seconds !!
  8. That does look excellent, made me have a look at their Facebook page, some fantastic looking food. I'm not normally a fan of cut & paste, but lifted this from their FB, posted yesterday as it did seem directly relevant. Obviously they are going to talk up their own place, but I've been put off by hearing so many poor reports in recent times (that's put me off re-visiting having had some great meals a couple of years back" Copied from RH FB "HiI’d personally like to clear some things up for reasons we here at Robin Hood would like to leave well behind in the past.Earlier this year we found ourselves in a situation of taking over a restaurant that was failing in all aspects after a 50% staff walkout. We were simply being thrown in at the deep end, we were in one hell of a mess.In a short time I was very fortunate to develop a great working relationship with the Retox Team and I can class these guys as my good friends. The great quality and consistent work that is coming out of the kitchen is down to Retox’s Executive Chef who oversees all of their work. He, along with myself have put a fabulous team together, and I’m happy to say for me are the best thing that’s ever happened to Robin Hood. The positive reviews we receive about our food speaks for itself. Combined with a hell of a lot of long hours and hard work from myself and my front of house team, every single person has gone the extra step helping put Robin Hood back in amongst the mix of the other great sports bars/ restaurants in town. (Of which there are many!) Good healthy competition can only raise the bar, and give our valued friends and customers an even better experience in this extraordinary town. To clarify any preconceptions people may have, the only affiliation the Robin Hood Tavern has with Retox is with the Executive Chef. He is a part time consultant and also keeps me in check….So... unfortunately as we did have a request last week - if you have a Retox Voucher you may need to spend it in there! The most recent news is we do have a new addition to our kitchen. Many of you may have met him, a young and brilliant chef who has been busy being particularly hospitable over the recent times! Yes, thats “Max” - he’s very unique in every way, and well I think just come in to meet him, try his new menu and decide for yourselves. I’d like to thank all our customers old and new for the continued support these last 6 months, I might almost admit that I’m really enjoying this business and making some new friendships along the way. Much appreciated Gaz and the Robin Hood team"
  9. It definitely was not Baht and UK sterling I think it was over a million. This is the very reason why I don’t have a regular set of numbers as one day will come and I’ll be kicking myself. I’ve always won reasonably good money on the lucky dip. Sometimes you have to test your luck 😃
  10. Back in July 1998, we have the Calif Super Lotto right? It was pick 6 numbers out of 49, was at work and during lunch always found myself reading the news paper where in the 2nd page they always posted the numbers from the night before. I about died......I got 5 out of 6! I was one number away from winning $38 Million..I got a paltry $1,546 for this. No one won that night and I still wonder what it would have been like had I won and what direction life would have taken me. Not a druggie, so would not have had to worry about that and I still had never set foot in Thailand until 1999. Still playing today and have never come close since.....sad but true. Like a lot of you, would bank some for sure, give people who I like a "wad" to enjoy, some cool gals in Thailand whom I have met, some cool gals locally here too would reap some benefits, give some to Cancer Research, always wanted to build a Baseball field for Little Leaguers as a pipe dream, with lights for night games. Of course take care of my Daughter and Son, buy wifey some "high end"Jewelry...... and die with a smile on my face......when ever that day would come.
  11. “Printer cartridges” is that what you call your balls now. 🤣
  12. galenkia


    Good knocks from all except Root so that's good to see. Hopefully not the usual collapse on day 2
  13. Just put on YouTube 30 minutes ago. Final track of the new album that's released today.Been releasing the songs every 2 or 3 weeks. Pre ordered my CD and should come tomorrow. This album is amazing
  14. misteregg


    Fell asleep watching it. (Started at 5:00am)
  15. Tonight at about 18.30 hrs downtown Patts time........
  16. fygjam


    Pakistan all out 240. Australia yet to bat. Stumps. PS. Did anyone mention that Australia holds the Ashes?
  17. Had similar at Decathlon a couple of months ago but to become a member all I had to give was an email address, so if you previously gave a false phone number you could now give a false email instead. My biggest annoyance was them not offering a bag for my goods - not even one to purchase.
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