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  1. I love the place, even today. i can't ever remember having a bad time in Patts, its never happened.
  2. Great vid fforest TFP. How observant of you Ray and i agree entirely, the first time i came to Patts was in 1989 and the vid even though 5 years earlier is very reminiscent of my first experience exactly as you say. I don't think Patts has progressed for the better at all, i'll have the old days please.
  3. I used to sit hour after hour in New Star bar just on the left of your pic BS watching the girls go by having the time of my life (the girls in NSB made sure of that lol). What a sad sad sight 😧
  4. I can't do that, i've tried it a couple of times and i end up falling asleep during the match lol
  5. I can't even start to believe how frightening these wildfires must be with something you can do virtually nothing about, its like a turkey waiting for Christmas for some.
  6. I never manage them mate, WTF do you do to stay wake ?
  7. I had exactly the same views a while back TS but when you're talking about killer diseases sensibility should prevail, i hope Phil has taken medical advice.
  8. I can just imagine you sat there enjoying every minute, i know i would 👍
  9. Draw prizes ehh, i've always bought a ticket but never won 🙁
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