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  1. All in the name of money guys, pure and simple.....
  2. Love the pics, 1976, what a momentous year for me and Southampton FC, i got married and Saints won the FA cup defeating Man Utd.
  3. Looks like its only you and me TS lol but i'm hoping we'll get some more boardies contributing when i post some girlie pics lmao.
  4. Bingo, but what job was i doing ? Clue - I had young pretty gals falling all over me and never went home without first shagging one in some car park, i let em in for free lol
  5. Never a truer word spoken, i'm making the most of EVERYTHING now i'm nearly 69yo, smoking and drinking lol
  6. Only ever flew into Mahe and then seaplane or speed boat to our island, i used to hear the Islamists wailing at 4am from neighbouring islands but visited quite a few of them and was always made welcome by the locals.
  7. Been there, pure paradise, had 1 week there and 1 week on Mauritus (sp) Marlin fishing, ahh the memories.
  8. My ex army mate up here is totally mortified at the loss of the place, he attended every do at the BE and was so proud to do so. I call him "stand by your bed" Fred, lovely guy.
  9. I just love the place, been to 5 different islands and did all my courses there, pure quality, they can't be beaten imo.
  10. I'd have signed up for any amount of courses with her lol
  11. Go for it, you're still in good shape, i've been thinking of giving it one last go before i "pop me clogs". I've done over 300 dives all round the world (Maldives my fav) and loved every minute of it, what a stress reliever.....
  12. TFP TS, i think the pics are brill but what do i know about photography, i love the sea but preferably from down under when Scuba diving.
  13. Never saw them live but just love em, what a fantastic band, i play their stuff all the time, always vids of their concerts through the years, their musicianship/vocals can be equaled but never beaten imo. I constantly hear people complaining about Hotel California being played in bars, i think its one of the best songs i've ever heard, right up there with the all time greats with great lyrics, i never tire of hearing it and will always sing along. Long live the Eagles and Hotel California.
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