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  1. Good to hear mate, i've just checked on Southampton my home city in the UK and its 8C so perhaps my 22C here in Korat ain't too bad after all but nevertheless i'm feeling bloody cold brrrrrrrrrrr.
  2. Yeah i saw that in the vid, bloody stupid thing to do imo.
  3. Great band, saw em at the Town & Country club back in the 80's.
  4. Bingo, this was a real monster to keep control of.........
  5. But does it say "Experienced Tourist" ? lol
  6. Just as well they did'nt adopt the London FB's policy of "staying put" in your rooms but evacuated asap.
  7. Well i intend going along to Korat IO early next month (my extension runs out on the 22nd) armed with all manner of supporting paperwork to obtain my extension using the 65K monthly income option. * SCB bank statements showing monthly deposits of well over the 65K on or about the same date each month. * PDF copies of my monthly Transferwise transfers which obviously tally up with the above bank statements. * Bank letter stating all credit transfers into my account for Jan - Dec 2019 I'm taking wifey in tow so she can plead with them that she don't want to lose her hubby just yet but maybe a subsequent year 🤣 Wish me luck......
  8. I remember paying 40$ for my 348TB Ferrari model and its not as good as your Citroen, no where near it so i would say that's a result 👍
  9. I don't have any probs TS using TW from Thailand/UK/HK, you must have some problem with your setup mate.
  10. I thought the same, the standard Ploughmans would be plenty for me, looks scrummy imo.
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