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  1. Great pics John, is that the place where you can actually eat there what they cook for ya ?
  2. Just for the avoidance of doubt any boardie caught talking politics or religion will have to ring the bell, HTF can you do that shit when there's pretty gals around ? Just sayin like 🤣
  3. A good watch TS, TAFP. I love Spain and the Balearic Islands, spent most of my holidays in the 70/80's there.
  4. BUMP, the clock is ticking, any other boardies around who would like to join the party, ALL WELCOME.
  5. Great pic of your lovely mate, you're a dab hand with the camera ehh
  6. My Saints got a very useful point at Wolves and could have won having gone 1-0 up, by christ it was needed after recent results and displays COYSaints
  7. You was hard done by mate imo
  8. No i'm afraid not and i can't wait lol
  9. They don't get any better than an E type imo, i'd have liked wider wheels is my only criticism. I got an old school mate in the UK thats got one he restored, what a beauty.
  10. I could'nt possibly have any other colour and i'm not alone ehh, it would be sacrilege.
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