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  1. Pumpuynarak

    Soi dogs

    Correct, one thing i did'nt know about rabies is even if a dog/cat only licks you rabies can still be a problem, its recco'd to keep well away from any dog/cat in Thailand but what about your mates household pets ?
  2. Pumpuynarak

    5 things you must know about Pattaya!

    My my what a surprise lol, i'm not surprised she would'nt enjoy what Pattaya has to offer a "straight" woman farang, horses for courses ehh.
  3. Pumpuynarak

    Getting a SIM card

    I can buy one at our local phone shop with no ID whatsoever, my visiting mate got one when here, no ID required. I think you'll find like most things here the big players like the convenience stores/ AIS/DTAC play by the rules but just like the "mom & pop" shops selling alcohol outside permitted hours nothing is impossible here.
  4. Pumpuynarak

    An old frog Indonesians exploration

    Great stuff TS, even if its only temporarily lol
  5. Pumpuynarak

    2 weeks and not one cigarette..

    What devastating news Lanza, you have my best wishes for your treatment and recovery, you're positive attitude will stand you in good stead.
  6. Pumpuynarak

    What Are You Watching On Netflix?.

    Thats much better lmao with Jack
  7. Pumpuynarak

    What Are You Watching On Netflix?.

    So how does one get Netflix in Thailand ?
  8. Pumpuynarak

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    I've been taking it daily for quite a few years now, it was recco'd to me to add honey and water to a table spoon of ACV, the honey takes away most of the acidic taste. It was also recco'd to me to buy the quality stuff not the cheapo.
  9. Pumpuynarak

    Latest on the visa changes as of wednesday

    We've got one in Korat primarily for farangs i believe.....lol
  10. Pumpuynarak

    Latest on the visa changes as of wednesday

    Your still posting drivel, try and understand what "evidence of income" means as opposed to "checking evidence of income" it too totally different requirements. I rest my case 2Bit, your wearing me down with your stupidity but of course you have a track record for doing just that.
  11. Pumpuynarak

    Latest on the visa changes as of wednesday

    That may very well be the case in the long term but as for the present knowing the Thais love of money 8-9 billion baht is not going to be passed over lightly.
  12. Pumpuynarak

    Latest on the visa changes as of wednesday

    I think your getting confused, please try harder, do you understand the following ?
  13. Pumpuynarak

    Latest on the visa changes as of wednesday

    and its bang on the money but i was/am enjoying all the posting drivel lol, is'nt that what the forum should be about, BOOM
  14. Pumpuynarak

    Latest on the visa changes as of wednesday

    Bingo Lambik, good post imo. I too think there has been a misunderstanding between TI and the embassies about what was actually going on when confirming "evidence of income" and when it came to light (new TI chief) they had a word with embassies about THEIR requirements that were to include "checking evidence of income" if that was not being done. The embassies realise they cannot comply with TI requirements and have subsequently pulled the facility. The embassies were doing fine complying with "evidence of income" but the introduction of the word "checking" into the equation is NEW hence the problems. The TI website does NOT SAY ANY CHECKING IS REQUIRED.
  15. Pumpuynarak

    Latest on the visa changes as of wednesday

    Not according to a study Khon Kaen Uni did on expats contribution to the Isaan Thai economy a couple of years ago, it was running at between 8-9 billion baht, thats no small change ehh. Agree 100%