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  1. Correct Coxy, i once did a catalytic converter on a lowered suspension Merc in London when going over a speed bump i did'nt see, cost the company 1600GBP for a new one !!!
  2. How ridiculous, indiscriminate spraying inside a vehicle when passengers are present. Now i know flight attendants used to spray into overhead lockers when passengers were seated but it was controlled and the locker was shut immediatley after a small spray. This beggars belief imo.
  3. 60 bht beer and there's still no customers, where's all the wife beater cheap charlies ? lol
  4. I'm prepared to believe the UK and the fact that the Oxford Uni/Astrazeneca is relatively safe if it is proven to be so over the next few months.
  5. I would'nt touch the Sinovac vaccine with a barge pole irrespective of the cost. My plan is to get the Astrazeneca as soon as it is available in Thailand and i'll just pay.
  6. Good question mate, knowing Thailand and its love of expats i would expect it to be at a rip off price lol.
  7. We really are spoilt in the UK Coxy with the price of a reasonable wine/rose. I used to consume a few bottles a week of my favourite Rose Sutter Home, i could buy it at Asda for 4 GBP a bottle, that was back in 2006 so no doubt its gone up in price. I just refuse to pay the heavily taxed prices here in Thailand, i have plenty of alternative things i like to drink.
  8. Is anyone who lives here considering buying the vaccine from a private hospital ? I can't see expats figuring to high on the Thai list of those to be given/sold the jab as a matter of urgency who are aged and at risk due to pre-existing conditions. I for one will be looking to get jabbed asap and will be enquiring at the private hospital network here in Korat , what say you ?
  9. Two beauties, what more could one ask for ?
  10. 300bht won't stop any tourist from visiting Thailand but this is just yet another anti tourist measure, beggars belief imo.
  11. Great vid Gally, don't go much on the song but the gal is lovely
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