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  1. Pumpuynarak

    Thai Cabinet approves price control at hospitals

    I should add i have admiration for Thailand's immigration policy, if ya can't bring anything to the party your not invited, just the way it should be imo
  2. Pumpuynarak

    What Are You Watching On Netflix?.

    I got Zenmate Premium VPN but i can't get BBC iplayer, would i be able to get Netflix UK FOC using this VPN ?
  3. Pumpuynarak

    Could you live in an area without farang?

    No deffo not, but i have to say that the Thais i live with as neighbours (24 houses with no farangs only me) are with the exception of one (and all me Thai neighbours won't have anything to do with her either) are bloody ok people. I don't have to go far for me farang fix though, we have 3 farang bars within 15 mins in the car. If ya don't speak Thai i just can't see a life without effective communication but thats just me.
  4. Pumpuynarak

    Mixed News on Chinese Tourists

    They should spend some of those megabucks on a training course in "How to be a decent human being" lol NB - Is this racism guys ? i would'nt want to be banned for telling the truth lmao
  5. Pumpuynarak

    Mixed News on Chinese Tourists

    You reap what you sow Evil imo. Mango and sticky rice is just about right for the dregs of the earth mainland Chinese tourist, once again imo.
  6. Pumpuynarak

    Transferring money to bkk

    Yes always state that you "will pay all HSBC charges", i've been transferring dosh with HSBC to SCB for 12 years and just paying the current HSBC 4GBP prior to that the charge was i think from memory 18GBP. There was never any charge levied by SCB until circa 9 months ago when this 15GBP suddenly showed up on my HSBC statement, i always assumed that SCB made their money from the shit exchange rate they offered but their getting greedy, no surprise there then. Well i just changed to TW, now they get FA, serves them right, banker wanker lol
  7. Pumpuynarak

    Transferring money to bkk

    Yeah i bank with HSBC and always used them because of the 4GBP fee BUT they started charging me another 15GBP and when i queried why they said they were passing on the 15GBP they were charged by my Thai bank SCB, fxxk that i thought. I queried the charge with SCB call center and guess what they could'nt answer me but said they would get back to me, i'm still waiting, so fxxk them i now use TW. If i had my way i'd blow every banker/wanker of the face of this earth, they are nobodies friend, least of all their customers, my opinion of course lol
  8. Pumpuynarak

    Thai Cabinet approves price control at hospitals

    Now this could have a big impact on self insuring expats but don't get too excited like me as they have'nt made a decision yet about whether those alien farangs should be included lol Ever felt that yer not wanted in Thailand ? i'm beginning to believe that wifey, her mum and brothers are the only Thais that want me here...... "Thailand only wants our money, we can fxxk off" shame the British government don't think the same.
  9. Pumpuynarak

    £15m Premier Player presumed dead!

    Fxxking funny lmao
  10. Pumpuynarak

    £15m Premier Player presumed dead!

    First thing i thought of lol, RIP if he is indeed dead.
  11. Pumpuynarak

    Transferring money to bkk

    Bingo, i've just had a lookie at my account and entered in your 4K and the cost would be 23.37GBP with an exchange rate of 41.12 Baht (difficult to beat imo) NB - Don't use your NW bank account or any come to that, they just rip you off with charges and a piss poor ex rate, if ya gotta use them never get them to do the ex and transfer Baht, always transfer sterling, you will get a better ex rate from Thai banks.
  12. Pumpuynarak

    What Are You Watching On Netflix?.

    Thanks a mill roomark, just the sort of info i need. I gave away me laptop to a mate's son who was in desperate need when me mate was skint so that options gone but you are correct the cost of TV's has dropped dramatically here in Thailand. I saw a Samsung 50" smart TV in Global for 16K when i paid 62K back in 2007 for a Samsung Art of Elegance 40" I will need to buy a new smart TV but at least wifey's mum will benefit from our old one lol
  13. Pumpuynarak


    Hmmmmmmmmmmm lol