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  1. Pumpuynarak


    Well i'm "as old as the lady i feel" so that makes me 38yo with all the aches and pains of a 69yo lol
  2. Makes your situation untenable mate, the only way to manage this is to be far away from the MIL imo.
  3. Yes indeed but that was half the fun, you had to be a "real driver" lol
  4. I've never been so confused in my life lol, we're both doing fine mate, hope you are also.
  5. Bingo, the exact conversation that wifey and i were having last night Tommy.
  6. I know exactly where you're coming from Jambo, when i first arrived here 13 years ago the plan was to buy land and build a nice gaff in wifey's village. Well after spending some time at wifey's Moma's it very quickly became obvious that i would'nt be happy living in the boondocks (no farang presence) which is over 1 hours drive from civilised Korat. So a compromise was agreed and we ended up in a Korat suburb, thank god. I feel for ya mate and no doubt a solution will be near impossible to find.
  7. At least you got a result, i've been trying to find out what the rules and regs are with regard to inter provincial travel with no success. I read this morning in the BP in a Covid article that its still currently banned/restricted and will be reviewed on the 27/28th May but buses are leaving Bangkok to the North and Northeast daily and many farangs have posted on the forums that they have traveled inter provincial and gone through police checkpoints with no problem. So WTF is going on ?
  8. Yes you make a valid point, but a lot of them in the factories are still working, wifey's brothers both are but yes if they are involved in the entertainment/restaurant industry they are out of work hence why many have gone home where they have a better chance of being fed with a roof over there head with no rent to pay. Village Thais are very industrious at surviving on next to nothing and have neighbours that think nothing of passing food over at meal times, i think its a cultural thing, even my neighbours constantly pass food over to wifey. I have no doubt where they are better off, Bangkok and Pattaya are lonely places when you're in need of help, the villages can be very different. I obviously speak with only experience of wifey's village where very few work in any thing other than the Bangkok/Rayong factories.
  9. Good to hear but with no bars open i find that somewhat strange, perhaps they're all going for the sightseeing and not the drinking.
  10. Absolute f****** nonsense, wifey and i live together or has that fact escaped their intention. Any credibility this government had in dealing with the virus is rapidly disappearing imo.
  11. Bingo and village communities will look after each other in hard times, well wifey's village and Headman do their best, they will ALWAYS share food.
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