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  1. Not to mention the cheese and ham toasties for the princely sum of 26 bht.
  2. Bingo Steelers, i do exactly the same.
  3. But surely TW are crediting your Thai bank account with the dosh every month, all that is needed is a Thai bank statement/letter showing 12 monthly credit transfers for the minimum amount 40/65K and thats exactly what my IO here in Korat have told me to supply for next years extension, they also state that the transfer dates should be the same each month give or take a few days.
  4. Just remind me what the title of this thread is and who started it, you're getting funnier...... You deserve a Deano....
  5. Now that is funny, HTF do you know why i joined this forum ?
  6. BINGO, i wondered how long it would take for this to be recognised. All these ????? saying take it over there......
  7. Go forth and multiply
  8. Sharing email addresses are a much more secure method of communicating sensitive info imo, i have shared with many good posters and will continue to do so.
  9. I believe they don't Ivan, i remember a thread on this topic where Mods on here stated they did'nt have the facility as it was not "enabled". No doubt our Mods can refer you to that thread if they can find it (think useless search engine) lol
  10. But some still like it there despite its failings, maybe a sense of loyalty from past wonderful times and meeting some real good fun guys for a night out and a hope that they will return someday. Whatever i think your comment to Ivan was totally uncalled for, many of us are boardies on many forums but only choose to post on our favs. Just sayin like lol
  11. Now if i told you to FO back where you came from what would happen ?
  12. Would that have anything to do with reducing the cost of running the forum, com dino here Larry.
  13. I'm not convinced that the new owners will ever use/want the forum to promote the bar, the silence from them is deafening, that i think is a clue..... Who actually owns the forum ?
  14. It would certainly appear that way, how it could recover i really don't know, after the disasterous so called upgrade its been dying a painful death for a while now imo and all the uncertainty surrounding its future has not helped retain posters.
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