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  1. Wifey and i have also been watching Dan, as you say its been good and Thailand are competitive.
  2. Even in Thailand's price gouging private hospital network lol
  3. I believe thats been put on hold if my memory serves me correctly, bloody good job to imo.
  4. I only wish i could attend, i never knew Baz personally but had many reasons to like the guy from his posting RIP.
  5. Thanks for that SF, i've read the thread a couple of times and i don't believe it confirms either way. The police order clearly states that funds must come from overseas which in my case they do, the trouble i may have is proving it as my bank SCB only shows the transfer as coming from within Thailand (Bangkok bank to SCB) Now what will really cloud this issue is IO's will interpret as they see fit, some will insist on proof others will not. I think i'll clarify with my IO at my next 90 report, they made no mention of this issue when i did my last retirement extension but things can change ehh lol
  6. Granted lol but you notice the Police order mentions that the "money transfer from overseas". Transferwise transfers are not shown as coming from overseas, well mine are'nt going into SCB. I wondered what IO are doing with the requirement in reality and whether anyone has any recent experience. I had a lookie at Thaivisa and could'nt find anything concrete on the subject.
  7. Is the requirement whereby your monthly 65K transfer has to be evidenced by your Thai bank as come from overseas actually being enforced ? When i did my extension in Jan of this year using an embassy letter for the last time the IO stated that next year i would need evidence from my Thai bank account but no mention of the fact that the money had come from overseas. Anyone have any up to date experience/knowledge ?
  8. What a shame we won't be around Al, have a good one 👍
  9. I had a mate here in Korat (now back in the UK) who wiped out two drunk Thais on a M/C and he too was DUI, cost him 400K compo for each of them and the BIB suggested he should leave the country but was welcome back once the dust had settled. Just the Thai way of doing things guys.
  10. Who actually owns the Secrets forum now ?
  11. Well for the first time in what must be 3/4 years i got pulled over at a check point and told i was speeding over the mountain on me way between Korat and Pattaya. I thought ahh well i'll just pay the usual 200bht and be done, no chance he wanted 400bht !!! As per usual no evidence so i said just give me a ticket and i'll pay it when i get back to Korat, no can do he says you'll have to go to the local police station and pay. Discretion being the better part of valor i paid up reluctantly and we were on our way. Is 400bht the going rate these days ? I have to say this is the first time i've been requested to pay the imaginary speeding ticket in almost 3/4 years as since the army have been in control and have been present at these checkpoints requests have been non-existent. So a return to democracy means a return of imaginary fines and at an increased level lol
  12. You are correct kind Sir, i missed the "online payment option" which takes you to the above. If you leave it in default mode it takes you straight to payment, i can't remember it being like this before otherwise i would have done the same and gone to default.
  13. Pumpuynarak


    How they got the cheek to call it a "race" is beyond me........ Procession more like lol
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