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  1. Couple burgers fresh off the grill along with potatoe chips and onion dip.
  2. Taco pie tonight... always a great meal And then Root Beer Floats all around
  3. Root beer floats....... yesssssssss
  4. I'm off to finish up a floor I'm installing for a client
  5. Sad news indeed Phil. No one ever wants to hear that the Bastard has come back. There are many many good people pulling for you mate. Both here and elsewhere, so I hope that provides some comfort. Looks like it's back to One Day At A Time again. Our prayers are with you.
  6. Had a nice little salad the other day. A bed of lettuce, sliced avocado, sliced shrimp, tomatoes, sliced black olives, diced green onions, crumbled rockford cheese and rockford dressing. A very tasty meal.
  7. Saw these at the store today and had to try them. Seared on each side for 4 minutes and then into the oven at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. They were damn tasty. Had with a store bought ceasar salad and a roll
  8. Now this looks very tasty. I'd order it myself if I knew what it was....lol
  9. enjoying a nice cup of coffee...... had some storms in the high country which produced a good deal of snow
  10. I also smoked for a long time and I really loved it. If it wasn't so friggin bad for the body I'd still be smoking. There was something about when they removed John Wayne's second lung that made me start to think that smoking just might not be good for me. So when I moved to Colorado I threw my last pack of Winstons out the car window just before the Colorado Arizona border. That was 1976 and I haven't picked them back up yet. But when I got to Durango it seemed that just about everybody used chewing tobacco. So I did start using chewing tobacco and that lasted for 20 years. I finally got off that by switching between the patch and the chewing gum. I loved the gum. I would pop 3 to 4 pieces in my mouth and drink my first cup of really hot coffee in the morning. The hot coffee would instantly dissolve the gum and I would get a great rush of nicotine that would give me a really good buzz to start the day. I'm such an additive personality that it cracks me up at times. At any given time I would have 2,3,4 patches on and I would be eating the gum like crazy and I thought this was perfectly normal. This lasted for about 10 years and then I ended up in the hospital with incredible stomach pains. The Docs kept asking me what I was doing that might cause these pains. Honest to God, not once did it occur to me that 20 pieces of gum a day could of been the cause. I'm such a schmuck at times..... But that stay in the hospital got me off the gum and patches and I've been nicotine free for about 13 years now.
  11. Congratulations BB on your first couple of days in town. Le Pub is a diamond in the ruff with characters right out of the movie Casablanca coming and going all hours of the night. Look forward to reading more on your adventures
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