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  1. I've been waiting for Brian to buy a round for almost 23 years. He's nothing if not consistent.
  2. Would hate to see that there's trouble for Scooters. Had thought that this would be a good shot in the arm for what should be a great location.
  3. Like I said. I just log in and stumble through to the Discussion section. I don't believe I ever clicked anything special. I haven't had any trouble..... well except my dealings with bobbob. Sorry to say I am at fault there.
  4. Thanks guys for seeing to a good send off for our friend. And its not a problem Larry. It's also the first time I've rang the bell in a long time. It was my pleasure. Plus it gave me the opportunity to participate within the group to pay my respects to a man who was always such a delight to be around. Baz will be missed.
  5. It's still hard to believe. Hope it's a great turn out to wish him a fond farewell. RIP my friend.......
  6. That's pretty much what's happened for me. I never made any transitions over to Tapatalk. I just keep logging on as if nothing has changed. The ads are there but I just scroll past them. I don't find them to be that big a nuisance.
  7. My Dad was a glider pilot. He Never talked about his time over there. He was barely 18 when he went over for the invasions. He passed away on March 21st 1990.
  8. You guys are soooo bad.... lol Personally, I love the malls. Food, women, Ice cream, toilets, cool. What's not to like?
  9. My GF here in the states is 2 years younger than me. Neither one of us was looking for a mate or even a regular date. It just happened that we met and have stayed together for 6 years noe. That beat my last 3 longest GFs by 2 years each. I haven't dated a gal close to my own age in over 40 years.
  10. Every trip I do a half day at Sanctuary of Truth. I am fascinated by all the workmanship that has been accomplished over the last 30 years.
  11. At this point in my life, the only reason that I would stop traveling to Thailand would be when I can no longer physically endure the 24 to 27 hour travel time to get there. My day officially starts with a 30 minute trip to airport, 1 to 1 1/2 hour wait at the airport, 1 hour flight to Denver, 2 hour layover, 13 hour flight to Tokyo, 2 hour layover, 7 hour flight to Bangkok, 1/2 hour minimum to get through airport, 1 1/2 hour taxi ride to Pattaya. This totals 29 hours on the road. It's truly a chore to endure this just to play some golf with mates, go see a bunch of temples, scuba dive off Krabe, visit the orphanages, and help a village or two install new water systems through the local churches so children can have safe water to bath and drink.
  12. Not my first choice......
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