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  1. Hahaha.... you've got yourself a very good woman Mr P. But of course you already know that.
  2. Yes but Brian, after a blackout night on the piss actually found a peanut in his bum. He says he has no idea how it got there. Although he and Rocktaff had started out the night down on Boys Town???? The bad part is he never did find the remote to the tv.
  3. Hahaha... so that brings up an old debate between UKguy and myself. He used to loved to tell me how much he loved bum guns. And went into great detail asto the pleasures of a powerful stream of warm water over the abrasive qualities of TP against his tender sphincter. Ofcourse this conversation usually started around his 23rd bottle of beer... He was always going to install one in his home in Luton but could never find one at his local hardware store. I told him to look in the kitchen faucet section and he said No! It's in the toilet section. So the the debate was.... which came first, the kitchen sink dish sprayer.... or the bum gun They are both exactly the same. They just hang out in different locations.
  4. Just got the kitchen sink all plumbed. Garbage disposal is hooked up and ready to go. Thought it was all done till the homeowner came in and asked if it was too late to install a dishwasher? Not a problem I say... just have to modify the cabinet a bit and off we go.
  5. Getting ready to set the bathroom sink.
  6. I would believe whatever she said.....lol
  7. So according to foulmouth above... a non living thing can not infect a living thing! So the whole argument is that the virus is a non living thing ..... and as such can not cause harm to a human being. I wonder if he has ever stepped on a rusty nail?
  8. Hahaha.....I remember those days back in the mid to late sixties. At school it was duck and cover drills daily. A lot of our neighbors installed underground shelters stocked with bedding, food water and toiletries. My dad decided to put in a swimming pool instead. I was happy with his decision.
  9. Now that the cabinets are in I'm installing the new kitchen sink .
  10. Only a tourist would ask such a silly question of the Wild West. Guns and ammo aren't even on the list. Guns and ammo were well stocked up on way before anyone ever heard of this virus.
  11. First Ribeyes grilled outside of the season. And a great success I might add. We had a wedge salad and hashbrown casserole as our sides. I sear the steaks on both sides for 2 minutes each and then for 3 minutes on each side. Temperature needs to be 125F for rare to medium rare. These were perfect.
  12. The governor of the state of New Mexico just announced the closure of all liquor stores in the state. I think toilet paper just got knocked down to number 7 on everyone " Must Have " list
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