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  1. I'm at 4 months if everything goes right.
  2. You should be in the air by now. I'm very envious mate..... you've earned it.
  3. Silverton Colorado, elevation 9, 200 feet. Colors have already dropped this year.
  4. a neighbor down the road decorates for the upcoming Halloween festivities. Here he gets a visit by a group of wild turkeys. They are great fun to watch but as far as eating goes.... the domestic ones you buy from the markets taste a hell of alot better than the wild ones.
  5. The Durango & Silverton narrow guage railroad. 100 miles round trip to Silverton and back. A good 7 hour ride with 1 to 2 hour layover in Silverton to spend your hard earned money. For train buffs.... this is world famous and a " Must Ride " destination.
  6. Hello Peter Storm, good to see you posting back in these parts again. I have missed hearing from you mate. Hope all is good in PP and that the GF situation is mellowed out. Don't know if you frequent Secrets over there but would be curious as to what's going on there also. Will pass on to the big guy that we have sightings that you are alive an well. He will be pleased.
  7. Yes, they walk all around the house and property and even come right up onto the deck. We obviously don't encourage them but at the same time we really can't stop them either. They are very curious and love to get into everything. Always sniffing out food. We have to separate all food waste from the garbage and bag it up tight an put it in the freezer till garbage day. That way they can't smell it and try to claw into the garage to get it. We also never leave food in our cars because they will break out the window to get at it. But they are mostly afraid of people and will take off way before we are able to see them. Where we live there are lots of orchards around with apples peaches pairs plums apricots an cherries galore. This is the time of year they are trying to fatten up for their winter hibernation.They do most their foraging at night and sleep during the day. So we don't see them till early evening. Right now we have 4 different bears that we see regularly. If they get to close we blast air horns and the take off running. When you live in the forest you just have to be smart about your surroundings. We see deer, elk, bear, red tail fox, turkeys, bald eagles, big horned sheep on a regular basis and occasionally mountain lions.
  8. Had a couple visitors over the weekend. The first was a big old boy and a regular down in the orchard. Sorry about the poor quality of the pics... phone cameras have lousy zooms
  9. Dear God I did love high school. And I did pretty good with the cheerleaders back then.
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