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  1. For any cricket fans ‘The Edge’ is worth a look in.....
  2. They are Exeter based really, but some airports would not have much traffic if they didn’t use them. For example Belfast city is a busy regional airport and if flybe stopped operating there hey would only have 4 flights a day. The impact of them going out of business would be quite big and way beyond just the staff that work for them as you could see by the Belfast airport example. They quite simply do a lot of routes that other airlines don’t and are really important for business in some of the further away parts of in the UK which is why the govt was keen to help. As mentioned above it would be a pain in the arse for me as I use them to get around the Uk a lot for work.
  3. Quite like watching the food blogs Mark Wiens does on you tube. Although it’s impossible to love every type of food as much as he does!
  4. Will be a proper pain in the arse if they don’t make it as I use them a lot to get around the UK and Ireland, 4-6 times a month probably. They have already cancelled some of my regular flights.......finger crossed they will be ok 🥺
  5. Rip....however given the proximity I have observed of fireworks being let off in the street to people around the peak times it was only a matter of time. I have found myself running for cover on many occasions...... 😒
  6. There’s one about half an hour from me near to Derby that has events a couple of times a year that I’ve been to before.
  7. Looks like you’ve moved onto UT, I’ve stayed at both the Kosa and Glacier in KK a few times each and generally prefer the Kosa, although I never saw the glacier at the price on your screen shot of 600 odd.....that is good value! Think I paid around 800-1000 for Kosa and more around 1200-1500 for glacier, rooms are similar but glacier has a better western breakfast imo.... 😊
  8. Was gonna be my suggestion, I like it there 😁
  9. Just appalling so far, sure they are dominant in the scrum but we’re making too many mistakes
  10. I’d say they have dried up now, loads of people chasing very few tickets online. Will see later how many are available outside the stadium. Other than the Japan games this will be the first true sell out of the tournament, there are loads of English I’ve met already without tickets here chasing what’s available.
  11. At both games as well....
  12. They will be handing over 30% to agoda aswell, madness they don’t even match it for you....
  13. I Thought you were way too highbrow for Pattaya? 😄
  14. Wandering around an old bit of Seoul....
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