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  1. Joking aside there seems to be this assumption that old skool rock is the bomb, whilst I know many on that list aren’t rock, I’m gonna go against the grain and say that I think old skool rock music is mostly boring shit. So Rolling Stones, David Bowie, AcDc, Yes etc all bollocks Give me mainstream pop/clubbing music any day. Rewind a few years then Spandau Ballet etc 😁
  2. Saw them here in Nottingham probably 10 years+ ago 🤣
  3. Loads of videos of this sort of stuff on you tube, this was the first one I saw a few years back.
  4. Been a couple of times, plenty of accommodation in Tokyo for £100 or less, I like the APA chain, small but functional modern rooms. In fact quite a lot of hotels in Tokyo have small rooms. I stayed in Shinjuku and Asakusa, both were decent but you have more going on in Shinjuku. Akihabara or gaget alley as you refer it is worth a stroll, would suggest staying until it goes dark as all the street is lit us with the famous signs. Cant recommend going to Kyoto for a few days enough, the nicest place I visited in Japan with a lot more ‘old school’ Japanese culture evident and more old buildings etc.
  5. A tad harsh, credit where it’s due, the Aussie bowlers were outstanding putting pressure on England for the rest of the game.
  6. Can’t she stand normally for a pic? 🤪
  7. Reports of an Austrian guy who worked In the US for 2 years in the 1960’s also getting it 🤣
  8. Sangsom


    Aye, don’t want to come home to my house being burnt down to a crisp so will stick to officially approved electrical stuff rather than save a few quid....
  9. For rugby fans house of rugby and the good the bad and the rugby are good, same show just rebranded in the last few weeks. Get some good guests on and Haskell is pretty funny.....
  10. BBC have gone full on ticking the diversity boxes today.....
  11. That’s going to cost her £2400, what a nightmare for the poor lass 😒
  12. Wtf? I turned it off after 10 overs of the Aussie innings as I thought it was game over! 🙈
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