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  1. First flight: Manchester to Munich skiing as a kid Last Flight: Dublin to east mid Shortest Flight : Me learning to fly doing circuits practising landing, 5 mins max flight Longest Flight : Lon to Singapore, 13 hours Favourite Airport Any in the Uk when going on holiday Least favourite Airport : Any in the Uk when returning from holiday
  2. Pretty much written off any chance of going away on holiday this year......will just spread out my annual leave over the year to have a week off here and there preferably in the summer............
  3. Fkn pain in the arse as I use them a lot, hopefully some of the routes get picked up by other airlines.....
  4. Quite like camping in the Uk in the summer, but accommodation is so cheap in Thailand I don’t think I could be arsed if I’m honest....plus the heat and creepy crawlies etc....
  5. Sangsom

    Cobra Gold

    The mouthing off comment was not pointed at you, rather how GGL loved to mouth of about how awesome he was. Like I said getting it quietly is quite a nice trait....
  6. Sangsom

    Cobra Gold

    Because that’s completely irrelevant, he’s only gets grief for bigging himself up on forums and having the head the size of a water melon not for whether he speaks Thai or not...
  7. Transvision vamp was the first concert I ever went to probably around 1990 I guess......at Brixton academy. Some fker snatched and ran away with my bag of merchandise when heading to the tube......gotta love Brixton 🤣
  8. Sangsom

    Cobra Gold

    It’s because he has a big head and traps off about how awesome he is......if he was so awesome he would be getting younger girls without paying a bean. I also remember him saying said the reason he moved to Thailand was because he couldn’t get any chicks in the US that ‘wasn’t obese’ despite his cash and awesomeness 🙄 he needs to make his mind up ffs..... Most of us here do/have paid for hookers and it is what it is so we are in no position to have any moral ground over anyone else. It’s just his incessant boasting about how awesome he is that deserves ridicule. I get that you are his mate, but sorry where I see someone spouting bollox I’m going to take the piss out of them despite who they are friends with. The moral of the story is get it quietly and don’t mouth off despite how awesome and successful you think you are 🙄
  9. Sangsom

    Cobra Gold

    Only because he has cash to throw around to pay for hookers......he fools himself into believing the girls love him and he’s still got it, he demonstrates that with his trapping off about how awesome he is lol
  10. Just immense......Rewind 5 or 6 years and I used to think Fury was nothing more than a gobby prick, full respect.......and he conducts himself very well nowadays.
  11. Yup, it will pretty much play out the same as the last fight, it’s all about whether wilder can catch him, otherwise Fury should win unless he gets cheated on the cards again. Am actually booked to go and see the Dubois v Joyce fight in April. Went to see Dubois last year, the guy is a fking beast.....
  12. Sangsom

    Cobra Gold

    Get him here then and I’ll do it......
  13. Sangsom

    Cobra Gold

    Where’s gogo lover when you need him? Always liked a good boast up about how he as a pensioner could match up to the young lads! 🤣
  14. For any cricket fans ‘The Edge’ is worth a look in.....
  15. They are Exeter based really, but some airports would not have much traffic if they didn’t use them. For example Belfast city is a busy regional airport and if flybe stopped operating there hey would only have 4 flights a day. The impact of them going out of business would be quite big and way beyond just the staff that work for them as you could see by the Belfast airport example. They quite simply do a lot of routes that other airlines don’t and are really important for business in some of the further away parts of in the UK which is why the govt was keen to help. As mentioned above it would be a pain in the arse for me as I use them to get around the Uk a lot for work.
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