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  1. Sangsom


    I travel all over the country with work, am away probably 2 nights per week on average and 6 hour round trips are common when I’m not staying over. Probably about 75% of my travel is by train or plane. It’s fine for now as I get well paid, but it will become harder as I get older.....
  2. Sangsom

    The Ashes

    In fairness, historically test matches mostly start on a Thursday so a perfectly reasonable mistake...
  3. Sangsom

    The Ashes

    Starts weds mate...
  4. Missed it, hope there are highlights later 🤗
  5. Usually have about 3 or 4 nights there and normally stay on soi 11, will visit both places depending which way the wind blows on any given night, probably prefer cowboy on balance though.....
  6. Sangsom

    The Ashes

    None of the umpire BS matters, we were beaten fair and square, Steve Smith was the difference. Find a way to limit his runs and we win the series, otherwise we probably lose....
  7. Yes I always watch it. Compare it to other politics around the world and there really isn’t a left, even Obama would be considered right of centre in the UK and Aussie land. Their politics is completely different from what we know, I lived there for 18 months so I came to understand this.
  8. They don’t really have a left to be fair, it’s right and further right......
  9. Sangsom

    The Ashes

    If they go one day style we lose. We just bat test Style and assess where things are at tea time to see if the win is within reach, even that might not be enough. 4 more games to go so a draw is better than being 1 down.
  10. Completely, there might be a random situation in which she has to sign stuff to have access to Gazza’s Pension or something that hasn’t even been thought of, considering how hard work it is the get to places with a Thai passport I’d make sure British Citizenship is sorted tbh 😬
  11. Down to Boris then I guess.....with complete respect if Wi had a UK passport It avoids a lot of the hassle of applying for visas when you want to go on holiday somewhere other than Thailand. Sure she might want to stay in Thailand after your not around, but it might be worth reminding her how powerful a UK passport if she changes her mind for some unexpected reason down the line. Up to you guys obviously...... 😊
  12. If there is no deal you might well have a problem, if they strike a deal (or another extension) I think you will probably be fine as there will be a transition period. Surely she’s been here long enough to get citizenship (and British passport) sorted? If the time frames work out for that before your holiday I’d get that sorted ASAP tbh.
  13. Fk off you're not that much of a twat 🤣 Wonder If he is still alive and fucking like a racehorse 10 times a day at 80? Listen up!!! 🤣
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