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  1. Sangsom


    Does Mobdro still work? Mine died well over a year ago.....
  2. Sangsom


    Didn’t realise that nobody has ever scored 2 double hundreds in a test match, shame Rooty couldn’t get there......close but no cigar.
  3. Well depends where you get them, certainly M&S do some pretty good ones, don’t usually buy them from other supermarkets though.....
  4. Cooked a massive fish pie last night which should be good for about 10 or so meals, froze 6 or 7 of them.
  5. No idea what you mean by TV dinners, but M&S do some great ready meals high I partake in sometimes....
  6. Probably 50/50 frozen v fresh. Always have something to eat in the freezer, most of my veg is frozen, find I waste less with frozen and for most of the veg you can’t really tell the difference between frozen and fresh, especially things like peas, carrots, corn etc.
  7. Sangsom


    And Kholi didn’t play....
  8. If anyone finds a place where you can pay to have it done I’d appreciate it the info was put on this thread 👍
  9. Sangsom


    Especially after that 36 all out by India in the first test.
  10. Yeah...fk the 400,000+ in the US that have died from it.
  11. I’m agreeing with you re transmission. I just think that some countries will have something to say about travellers coming to holiday in their countries if they aren’t on top of their own vaccine programmes. Also think there is a good chance they will ask for negative tests before travel. Given we are doing way better that most in vaccine rollout some countries may not be on top of their vaccine programmes before the summer.
  12. I doubt it’s that straight forward given that people who have been vaccinated may still be able to carry and spread the virus. I can see it being at the discretion of the country receiving the tourists and whether their vaccine programme has progressed far enough, also wouldn’t be surprised if you needed a negative test to travel as well.
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