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  1. Whats wrong with being a public school middle class type? 🧐🤣
  2. Just popped into town and these guys have taken over Nottingham market square for the weekend, even brought their own massive circus tent to perform in! 🤡
  3. I was there the other week 😊
  4. Sangsom


    Never watch golf but that was unmissable!
  5. I suspect P4P and Handsum man are synonymous 🤣
  6. It’s just the broad principle mate, not really that interested in ‘whataboutery’ tbh.....
  7. There’s a bit of leather going on there mate, do you have her whipping your arse n’shit! 😱🧐🤣
  8. No swear words should be publicly available to children 😒 I know it eventually happens, but I’d rather it happens later rather than sooner ☹️
  9. Done loads of train trips in Thailand similar to this, quite like trains actually they are fun. A few months ago went from Kanchanaburi to Hua Hin, needed to change trains half way but still perfectly fine.....even had an old fashioned points change.
  10. All of them, I’m shit at everything......I put up an Ikea shoe rack earlier, that’s the limit of my ability. The stuff you mention there I wouldn’t even attempt 😒🙈
  11. It might be something along the lines of private contractors aren’t allowed lower pavements as they might be owned by the govt, so the govt needs to do it?
  12. No, not interested and is a complete waste of my time trying 😜
  13. In Lisbon for the weekend....
  14. Love it......Travel is my main hobby so I do a lot of research.....
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