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  1. Don’t think it needs thinking about too hard really, it’s just an excuse for a day out and some food and drinks much as many other days out I have to places.
  2. There’s one here in Nottingham in August that I’ll be going to, might even go to the Manchester one at the end of this month if some of my friends that live there are up for it.....
  3. There are more not less in the Uk, Nottingham where I live put one in a few years back and recently expanded it. It’s pretty good tbh....
  4. Haha, an Italian would be saying where the fk is the pasta 🤣😁
  5. Can’t say kids or babies have ever really bothered me on planes or otherwise, some of you lot need to stop whining.....
  6. Sangsom


    Nope if you go to Nando’s you need to be branded with the word Chav on your forehead on the way out 😜
  7. Sangsom


    No I’m from a ‘posh’ upbringing, won’t even go near Nando’s as there are too many chavs there. Patts has a lot of chavs too which is why I’m less inclined these days amongst other reasons......
  8. Poor fielding cost us that, no bother we’ll be in the semis minimum. The ODI format guarantees nothing, all the top 6-7 teams can beat any of the others on their day......
  9. At the game today. This is always a high scoring wicket, 350 won’t be enough for Pakistan unless they can bowl England out ....
  10. London wtf? It’s a brilliant city.....
  11. JFC......bad news......your not kidding. didn’t know him but wasn’t expecting this........awful news RIP 😞
  12. Sangsom

    Phuket Airport

    There’s a taxi stand outside, ignore the touts that sometimes approach you as you enter arrivals and go outside to the stand. It’s a fixed fare to Patong, 800 I think? Think there is shared minibus if you want to save money, never done it so not sure of price..... Only advice is don’t spend your whole time in Patong and then moan because it’s not as good as Patts, it isn’t for mongering, get out and about and do some sightseeing. Do a boat trip round the islands, go and see some of the views around the island (rent a car?), there’s a good food market inland from where you are staying that’s worth a look for Thai food/seafood. You are pretty much in the middle of it where you are staying.....
  13. Just insane how good we are at the moment. It’s a shame the WC semis and beyond aren’t best of 3 as anything can happen in a one off game.
  14. No didn’t carry passports, don’t think I even saw a policeman tbh..... Most of the historical sights aren’t that close probably 3 hour round trip at least, I couldn’t be arsed as I was only there for a week and travel too much with work so it was the last thing I wanted to do. Will do them if I come back as i’ll Probably head more Fethiye/Olu Deniz if I do and there are a few that direction. The boat on the pic we rented privately for 25 quid for 2 hours and we did our own little bespoke tour, so that’s an option if you can’t be arsed being with a big group. If you want to go to a big city market, then Muğla city is less than an hour away and has one on a Thurs I think, was gonna go but sacked it off because I was hungover. The one next door in Marmaris isn’t that big, that said Marmaris itself is ok for an afternoon stroll around, can get taxi there in 15 mins or taxi boat across the bay..
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