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  1. The camera is very good and battery life is decent. Other than that basically the same, that said I’ve only had it for a week and haven’t sussed it all out yet.
  2. Don’t regret it but bought a new IPhone Pro for around £1k when I was pissed off my face the other week 🤣 Woke up saw the invoice in my email inbox and thought you f......king twat!
  3. Buzzed through there last Oct.......primarily on my way to these!
  4. What’s the extra worry with a family there? Surely Thailand seems to have got off lighter than many countries and your family are on the lower risk end of things no? 🧐
  5. I’ve been consistently saying I’m not going anywhere this year. Getting sick to death of this working from home shit, thinking of asking if they will allow me to work from home abroad, could then hole up somewhere in Thailand and work 3-11pm Thai time. Would probably use the daytime more constructively than my current slobbing out on the sofa and boozing each evening 😒
  6. King cobras are the largest venomous snake in the world
  7. Those were funny 🤣 A different eating challenge, there is the slip of a girl who is a ‘competition eater’ the amount and speed she puts away is unreal. This one isn’t in any the way largest amount I’ve seen her eat, but it puts it into perspective as it’s against Eddie Hall.
  8. Going to rent a cottage or caravan somewhere near the coast, probably Norfolk. Plenty available, never go abroad in our summer nowadays anyway, hate the heat of other popular tourist countries at this time of year tbh.....
  9. Give me 20-22 degrees all day long, 28+ forget it......
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