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  1. Sangsom

    Sandra Wong....

    Very nice, not a fan of the blonde hair though.....
  2. Sangsom

    Snowing in Vegas

    I was there once when it snowed, long time ago mind you.......
  3. Sangsom

    What are you doing right now..?

    Market square Nottingham
  4. Sangsom

    Would you... If you had enough..?

    Just back from a day in Belfast, long day 😒
  5. Sangsom

    Would you... If you had enough..?

    Did you bite her on the arse? 🧐
  6. Sangsom

    Bottled drinking water can you tell the difference?

    In the Uk tap water, bottled water is complete scam if it’s drinkable from the tap.......
  7. Been going to Cork once every couple of months recently for work, are you in cork itself or elsewhere?
  8. One thing I have never done that I want to do is go and see a massive boxing event. Pref one of the big heavyweight events involving one of the Brits in the next couple of years. NY would be nice, but too much committed already this year for AJ’s next fight. Also want to go to India to see the IPL and follow a few games with the English players involved. Rajasthan would be perfect this year but am committed to too many things already this year.
  9. 2003 rugby World Cup final. Going to Japan this Oct but unfortunately can’t stay beyond the semis if England happen to pull it out of the bag.
  10. Was there at 3 of the games, including Trent Bridge where we basically won the series.
  11. Sangsom

    Impressions from Koh Samet

    I stayed at Vongduen beach resort when I went there. Some good food to be had at some of the little restaurants along that beach......
  12. Sangsom

    I hate this guy LOL!

    Better looking than either you or I are likely to get....
  13. Sangsom

    I hate this guy LOL!

    Even if she didn’t have them she’s still a good looking girl with a nice tight body 🥰
  14. Sangsom

    I hate this guy LOL!

    Wtf, so you gonna turn her down? 🧐
  15. Sangsom

    I hate this guy LOL!

    Wouldn’t mind having a feed on those