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  1. Butch

    No more 747's?

    I read somewhere that Cilla Black always insisted on seat 1A and threw a right strop if she didn't get it. Do you rate the current BA Business product Shaksey?, ever tried their PE at all?. Considering it as an option in the future (I'm considering a lot of things, although "clutching at straws" might be a better way to put it lol).
  2. Butch

    No more 747's?

    Shame they've dropped the PE option from the 787's, each time I've flown in PE on EVA, all but once it has been at capacity. I didn't find much to choose between EVA and Cathay PE to be fair, I thought that with the new seats and no IFE box, the EVA product was slightly better, and the price point was also quite a bit better on the LHR-BKK as opposed to LHR-HKG with Cathay, EVA worked out around £230 per person cheaper return ( although that was couple of years ago now). EVA really have a good product with PE, and some say it's the gateway drug into Business. Can't beat it on a long haul flight.
  3. Good question, I was going to ask the same!. When was this one opened? Didn't notice it last year (but that seems such a looong time ago now)
  4. just seen this on flyertalk: (MS Powerpoint and pdf) http://thai.listedcompany.com/misc/PRESN/20200828-thai-public-presentation-en.pdf No mention of any internal issues though...mmm.. http://thai.listedcompany.com/newsroom/280820202105400168E.pdf
  5. Butch

    No more 747's?

    That poor old VC10 is in pretty bad shape apparently. Shame really, I can always remember it coming into Seeb as our Villa was under the approach vector , I can remember it being so much noisier than anything else , even the GF Tristars. I also loved watching the Tristars coming in at night, they had flashing lights everywhere!.
  6. Butch

    No more 747's?

    I think it was an early Satellite comms system, similar to Marisat. To be honest the passenger section wasn't really that plush, they were business class seats but no IFE, just a large cinema screen, but further forward was HM's area, totally off limits of course. He had 2 747Sp's, one was HM Qaboos' personal transport, and the other was for cargo / dignitaries / regular peasants like me. normally the route was London to Switzerland to Muscat, I got to fly on both of them because the first SP (with the bulge, the other one didn't have it) was in for D check at Cardiff once and I managed to grab a flight on it at short notice. In flight catering was bacon sandwiches and cheese and onion Walkers lol.
  7. Butch

    No more 747's?

    BA retired G-CIVH recently, seems like all the carriers are intending and doing the same given the recent downturn. Big shame, I know we all have opinions on Airlines, but the 747 has been my best ever flight and worst ever one as well, best ever was on Sultan of Oman's 747SP (numerous times actually) and the absolute worst was SAA 747 where the seats were crammed in and it was an experience I'm not keen to repeat. I remember the EVA 747 Combi's, plus managed to get a biz class seat on one of them, upstairs. My first Thai flight was a 747 called "Phimara" HS-TGZ and although it was only 4 years old when I flew on it, hearing those GE's whine still brought a big smile to my face as I looked at Heathrow beneath us. I think the Cargo companies will still use them, but the phasing out of the 747 fleets by many carriers prematurely is a sad thing. Looking back I guess I felt the same way when Gulf Air ditched their Tristars, but you can't get in the way of progress.
  8. you're making me jealous. My view is currently grey clouds, rain and not much else 😞 Looks absolutely stunning. I'll tap you up for a few details when you get back, is the place kid friendly?.
  9. I've recently taken to listening to podcasts as a bit of background noise when I'm working, easy to plug in and despite a few adverts which can be scanned through, there is a massive range of subjects and things to tune into. The beauty of a podcast is that one moment you can listen to comedy, the next to conspiracy theories and after that, opnions on current affairs. I tend to listen on my phone rather than the PC with the google podcast player it had installed, Joe Rogan has some decent stuff, plus literally thousands of hours of content, but there's also a few learn thai / tagalog ones there, and the BBC also has some good Historical ones as well. Any of you gents have a suggestion which I might like or feel like sharing, be interested to hear.
  10. Getting back online after the guys digging up the road outside managed to knock the power out for a few hours. I was mid way in replying to @Thinkingallowed when everything went off. checked the RCB board, fine, checked all the trip switches ,all up, checked the outside wall main supply circuit, all good. Was going a bit loopy trying to work out what had happened when my neighbour knocked, we looked across the road and there were a few sheepish looking contractors making some calls...
  11. late to the discussion due to shifts this week. Can anyone give me an "idiots guide" to donating and who needs the fund the most please? Cash waiting.
  12. Indeed and it had a pattayalive cam on it as well. Just next to the escalator of Marine and Peppermint. If you looked closely BM Nightcrawler was a regular patron.
  13. Makes no odds, what if it were a pre requisite?.
  14. Best thing you can do Bro, you've already stepped up, it's up to her now with maybe a little bit of persuasion 🙂
  15. Each generation has it's identity eroded by way of changing historical normality. The BBC have the worlds best record for catering to minorities and deliberately upsetting anyone white and middle class, it's as if being British is an offense in todays society. I doubt a white middle aged male would get an interview with the BBC because they don't' "represent the true face of the multicultural Britain". Let them stop it, and when proms are empty next year they can blame everyone and label them racists with a self satisfied taxpayers grin on their smug faces. I remember people kicking off when it was not referred to as a "blackboard" in school but a "chalkboard". I also remember the banning of "baa baa black sheep" due to racist connotations. We've recently had left wing hand wringing liberal councils remove the word "Christmas" and replace it with "Winter festival". I remember the lefties celebrating when "golliwogs" were effectively banned. OK, so you can argue the deliberate misrepresentation of blacks in our society as charicatures (golliwogs) is pretty wrong. It is, there's really no place for that kind of stuff. That's coming from a former racist and 80's rent a thug. I had the lot, white T shirt, red braces, 12 hole tan Dr Martens (before the lesbians made them a fashion icon) and tight, marble bleached jeans. It was 1985, I was 15 and on the receiving end of numerous good hidings from our Jamaican colonial friends at the time. As time went on and the good hidings increased, I came to realise that racism works both ways. the problem was, I thought I was on the winning side. I may well have been, but I was actually on the wrong side. I haven't been with a white girl since 1990. I was with a Jamaican girl for 4 years and it was epic. I was welcomed into the family, given a free holiday, welcomed into the extended family and they remain friends up until this day. The relationship ended on good terms, but very suddenly and sadly.They were, up until meeting Mrs butch, the best years of my life and I actually felt ashamed of my previous actions. Here were black guys, people I'd been indoctrinated to hate, the same kind of guys who had given me a kicking, were offering me a beer, food, inviting me into their house, making me feel welcome and offering me genuine friendship. Talk about learning a lesson. i'm actually a better person now for being a hardcore racist in the past. Odd how things change isn't it? However, our view of racism today is possibly not as we , as a generation of 40+ year olds imagine it would be. It's not just about offenses against blacks, everyone and anyone is jumping on the racism bandwagon, to a point, even virtue signalling white people are doing it. It's about getting instagram likes, thumbs up on FB and a warm feeling of achievement and inclusion from online friends. The true meaning of racism has been devalued because the left have been using it as a weapon of choice to silence anyone with remotely opposite views to their own. That is the irony, as the word "racist" becomes a label, it loses it's shock value, it loses its effect and it loses its meaning, and the people affected most by it are those on the receiving end of it. Ironic eh? When "racism" stops being the buzz word of choice for the mealy mouthed Camden trendies, it will have already lost any value in society, and the Police will treat a race crime like rape, something to be put on the back burner, and that is the real tragedy here. The genuine victims of racism won't matter anymore, because the middle class liberals would have had their pound of flesh from the word and it's connotations, and will have moved onto the next discussion topic they can talk about over a smashed avacado and shrimp starter followed by foi gras and steamed purple broccoli in their 4 bedroom Camden townhouse.
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