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  1. Me too dont really watch series except a few on discovery but then i work from 1600 to 0300 so i record stuff and often on a sunday afternoon i catch up with a few recorded movies and the odd other program i have recorded
  2. Mum is never wrong even when she isnt correct lol
  3. Went through a similar thing with my mum the cancer had spread to her brain It was quite gradual for a couple of years then she went down hill fast .last really coherant conversation was her telling me and mrs rock to " look after your father you know hes getting on a bit now (92) ". In reality dad had been looking after mum for years
  4. I thought you still went on live to get your daily top up of abuse from parky and co
  5. I agree could have been a bit dodgy with out a top notch insurance policy in thailand
  6. Because you have become a soft old bugger
  7. Its a birds and the bees type stuff except with sheep lol
  8. Man down the pub told me tommy flea has a army of slaves servents with fans to keep the air moving (saves on the electricity bill)
  9. Did the bangkok to surin trip one night 1100 bt sleeper im sure a tuk tuk had more luxury as comfortable ride and the in laws in the loaded ute beat us there by several hours
  10. Its 2 pm just woke up having my caffine fix then its SSS and off to work
  11. Looks more like a concrete jungle lol
  12. I definatly dont do gardening but its the old saying you can take the issan farmers daughter away from issan but she will still be a farmers daughter , first thing my mrs did here was grow flowers simply because at home her mum would rip them out and say if you can plant flowers then you can grow vegetables She has a 3m x3m glass house for the stuff that dont like the cool winters and probably twice that in vege garden its like a jungle on my property
  13. Few years back i was comming down this hill in the truck , lady opend her car door i hit the picks real hard , no problem untill i stoped when i noticed bits of bike sliding down the road It turnd out a couple of riders were sitting right in behind me and didnt avoide the hydraulic bin lifter on the rear and its designed not to bend lol i thought i was going to get punched out by his mates that turned up till the cops turned up ( i rang them imediatly i saw there were injuries)
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