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  1. No not the same as real life
  2. We should organise a post covid reunion once we know when travel gets back to some normality
  3. All of the above and pretty much any sport except for rugby
  4. I have a Bangkok bank account here jn nz i get messages every time I log in But as I have just changed phones I can't set up the app , After ringing the bank was told I have to go to a branch to get it activated .When I did the same with my local bank it automatically sent me a activation code to my phone
  5. Do they get paid for number of views or supscribers
  6. Flown with Thai a few times 10-15 years ago but they got to expensive for very average service (50% more than the cheaper airline with full service )
  7. What you need is the kiwis to come over and rachet up the game for every one lol
  8. At least he has his priorities right a sun hat on and his Mrs as a cushion incase they crash
  9. Sounds like you were describing your personal experience's but you were probably already shagging the bar man
  10. Life goes on as usual nothing much has changed ,both of us work in essential services so when we were in lock down we worked
  11. Still waiting for a on the ground in depth behind the front door report on soi boomerang ❤
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