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  1. Thank gawd for that i can sleep now knowing i only paid for the sick buffalo
  2. Som nan nah very acurate title
  3. I think many of us are in that situation Stuff we did back then is best kept in the dark , things like shutting down the only real motorway system out of the city for 4 hours on a sat evening
  4. Nickrock


    Will come back when you all decide to speak real english
  5. Vpi is definatly in the other camp going by his comments
  6. Yes i think you two should get a hotel together lol
  7. I get bored with pattaya after a few days hence a dont visit for that long not that big on getting on the booze all the time ,same with up country at in laws place nothing to do
  8. Yes v12 in a off road buggy lol
  9. Im watching their land cruiser build at the moment
  10. 13 years between mrs rock and me comes from the usual big issan family , shes 5th of 9 kids they are all workers/ farmers except one who was a real boozer but been a monk for last few years ( not a fan of falangs unlike all her other brothers and sisters) no money to speak off but never asked or hinted at a donation , did help out younger sister in law husband when they lent me the ute ,went and got new springs and a couple of tyres ,they never asked i just did it before returning it(4500 bt) as they were commuting from bkk every weekend to help out the mother in law when she got real sick
  11. A man down the pub told me it was you that wore the heals to the market im sure the term katoey kwai was mentioned
  12. Couldnt have put that better my self Except mentioning they go running around hugging each other and blowing kisses to the crowd
  13. If you count the steps out side in front of the ruamchitt hotel then yes several
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