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  1. Its not US $ but South Pacific micro dollars from sheepshaggerstan I would be getting it for $750k including the 100k government rateable value is 1.1 to 1.2m Reason its that discounted is im a close relative that is one of his benificiaries when he dies ,and the house is way too big for him now and he would like to help a couple of nephews ( no kids) get a place if their own
  2. In a similar situation my Mrs never had any real money ( having to raise a son on her own plus sick mother and a father that is physically knackered from working on the farm all his life ) but a real work ethic We are looking seriously at another place that is available but not on the market that is 500m from the supermarket and bus route in to town 15 minutes walk to her work and on the flat ground ,the down side is its a at least 80 year Old villa and I would want to spend at least $100k on re cladding and insulation plus she would want a more modern kitchen and I want a double garage but do I want a mortgage its govt valuation is 1.2m and I would get it well less than 1m , but do I need a mortgage at 65
  3. Its the written and oral test the actual driving part is all covered ( brother in law is s driving instructor ) sold the corolla about 5 years ago ( you can get a 8 -10 year Old tidy car for about 30k baht here )
  4. Wish my Mrs would get her drivers licence ,serious procrastination over the last ten years .Even brought her a newish corolla as enticement We only go back to Thailand for her to see her dad ( usually once a year ) and or her sisters , I Have also noticed she instructed the Young fella to keep his mouth shut on what assets she/we have over here ,stops the accumulation of sick buffalo
  5. And the Apollo space crafts were directed there by the Chinese 5g network
  6. Wouldn't touch her/him with some one else's cock let a lone mine
  7. You going hiso with the whisky while the Mrs is there
  8. Don't understand the move away from diesel size for size a diesel is about 30% more efficient and the modern hotter burning diesel and adding ad blue (urea) converting the exhaust gas's to nitrogen and oxygen they are more friendly than petrol
  9. So are man u fans sub human or super human and don't need vaccine Not being a soccer fan I wouldn't know
  10. Mum used to put the vegemite on the bread then sprinkle on tasty cheese ,cut in to fingers and grill it till it was crispy Never lasted long enough to be put away for later
  11. Pretty much any thing euro in that era that was budget was trash its why Japan got a strangle hold on the car business
  12. Warning go any further with this and your on holiday
  13. Yes but do they have a nice warm climate reasonable hotels and 40kg bikini clad waitress
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