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  1. Nickrock

    What's your main reason for

    He cracks open a few ales and looses the plot and imagines every one is having a go at him and starts abusing people
  2. Totally agree ,my mrs works in the kitchen of a hospice and tells me what the care workers have to put up with and get paid peanuts
  3. Nickrock

    How Paranoid Are You?

    Cant talk now they are watching me
  4. Nickrock

    What are you doing right now..?

    Sitting at gate 26 in sydney airport waiting for my next flight
  5. Nickrock

    What are you doing right now..?

    Just kicking back 90 minutes till i grab a taxi to swampy
  6. Nickrock

    What are you doing right now..?

    Sorry but that wont do the bikini is too big
  7. Nickrock

    Airline has offered a upgrade

    Nah got the headphones on my way here .well i did have them till you took them but i pissed in to them hopefully they will short out your radio station lol
  8. Nickrock

    What are you doing right now..?

    Went to the lonely mothers club in bkk for a drink and then a pizza at the game bit pricey but its falang food and was good ( 3 times the price of a kiwi one)
  9. My sympathies with that went through several restructuring when i worked for fletchers When i first started at one site there was 3.5 k employes im told there is now just under 200
  10. I so could make facetious comment but wouldnt think of it lol Something along the lines no she wears them as ear rings
  11. For me no its not returned i was over it after the first 24 hours its my 2 trip here in 3 weeks
  12. That happened last time we were up country cops were looking for me and the mrs but we wernt there ( 40kms away)
  13. Nickrock

    What are you doing right now..?

    Google is my friend