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  1. I saw news reports that Iraq was also suckered into purchasing it, but wasn't aware of Mexico. According to Wikipedia, in addition to Mexico and Iraq, India and several African states also made purchases. Seems to be a strong correlation between level of corruption and nations that purchased the GT200. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GT200#Users
  2. Thai's will believe just about anything. Remember the GT2000 bomb detector fiasco. The Thai military spent $30 million USD on something that was obviously fake. Although in that case the reason the Thai military spent the funds was probably a good portion of the $ went into brown envelopes.
  3. Easy R-Con open sewer update as of this morning. Edited to add: I'm now wondering, given the height of the box, if the plan isn't to close off this end of the soi to traffic and allow only foot traffic either side of the box. Keep in mind this soi would still have vehicle access on both sides via soi 13 and 19. Might make for a nice addition to the soi if they plant a garden on top of the box.
  4. My experience in Pattaya and the outlying areas has been different. In the eight years of biking can only think of two times I've had someone pull out in front of me to the point it scared the shit out of me. There have been other times, but in those cases I was expecting the other driver to do something stupid so had already begun to alter course to pass behind the vehicle turning in front of me, or slowed down enough or come to a complete stop to avoid an accident. Same as riding a motorcycle, practice defensive riding, keep the head on a swivel and maintain situational awareness.
  5. Their website is wrong that it will allow you to transfer your available balance to your bank account. Only works if you have a refund balance. Edited to add: Correction, their website isn't wrong. Misread what Lazada had stated on their website. They state "if you have wallet balance from your Refunds, please proceed with the normal withdrawal process". The part you highlighted in red clearly states if the available balance is from the deposit, then you have to use a different process which involves additional assistance on their part.
  6. I tried, but got an error message requiring the Thai citizen's name in Thai. I'll give that route another try when I and my GF have time to sit down together and have her type in the Thai language reply.
  7. I've no experience with renting a bike here, but Venture Cycles has a FB page with contact info. https://www.facebook.com/Venture-Bike-Pattaya-656766771407995/ Here's a couple of other shops you can contact about bike rentals. SV Bike on Thepprasit https://www.facebook.com/Svbikepattaya/ Eastern Bike on Sukhumvit, near the 3240 intersection https://www.facebook.com/easternbikeshop/ Cycle Hub on the east side of Mabprachan reservoir https://www.facebook.com/CycleHubThailand/
  8. I've been using Lazada Wallet for purchases the last couple of months as I found it a bit more convenient than direct bank payments. The periodic bonuses they automatically deposited to the wallet was also another incentive. Making a purchase today a screen popped up stating I had to authenticate my Lazada account. Clicking on continue I was surprised when this message popped up. A Google search led me to a topic on TV that had a screenshot of one of their BM's chat session with Lazada. Here's the key response from Lazada that explained the change. While I can still use the balance of 929.99 in my wallet for purchases, there is no provision of using the balance against purchases higher than what is in my wallet. So that means unless I make a purchase(s) of exactly 929.99, there will always be some balance in my account that I'm effectively shut out from using. As for the AMLO reg, I'm at a loss to understand why this wouldn't apply across the board to Thais as well as foreigners. Even then, a better solution would have been to limit wallet balances to an amount low enough that it would make its use impractical as a money laundering vehicle.
  9. Work today at Easy R-Con open sewer to put forms in for the concrete cap.
  10. Only a little more than four months since the resurfacing of Soi Pothole and they're already doing "repairs", which amounts to nothing more than dumping construction debris into the potholes. Crazy that someone thought it would be a good idea to put lumps of rocks in the middle of a road.
  11. A BM on another forum made the same comment about the height of the box. I was at Easy R-Con last night so snapped another pic from the other end. Once they put the cap on the box and bring the road grade up to that level, the new top of the road is going to be higher than the base of the shop on the right. It'll be interesting to see the finished product and its impact on the surrounding businesses after the first heavy rain.
  12. Another update for the Easy R-Con open sewer project. I couldn't see it when the forms were in place, but there are outflows from the concrete box. Best guess now is the box is going to serve as a settling area for all the muck that gets washed down from farther upstream. Easier to clean the muck out in one place rather than the length of the storm sewers.
  13. I was wondering the same thing. By his own admission "he has nothing". Now that his name and pic in the news I wouldn't be surprised to see a news update that he's been arrested and deported. Edited to add: It's a sad situation he's in, but have to wonder what possessed him to allow his circumstances to get publicized rather than keeping a low profile.
  14. Using Google Earth historical imagery you can see the third runway was started in November, 2006, a few months after the airport opened. You can also see construction of the new terminal was also begun then, or at least the pad for the terminal was put in. In April the Thai cabinet approved 21.8 billion baht to finish the third runway, with construction to start this year and a completion date in 2021 (link). I'll believe that when I see it. Also interesting to note is in the view as of December, 2016 it looks like the new terminal site was dug up and they started over. Not surprising as it was sitting exposed to the elements for 10 years. The Wikipedia entry for BKK makes for an interesting read. The construction of BKK encapsulates all that's wrong with Thailand; cost overruns, sub-standard construction, corruption, missed deadlines, problems with luggage handling, failures of the check-in system, departure boards displaying wrong information. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suvarnabhumi_Airport
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