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  1. In this case it's not a nameless bureaucrat. Unfortunately because of the draconian anti-defamation laws in Thailand the bureaucrat can't be named without risking jail time. Not hard to figure out who though if you read the early news reports leading up to the decision to close Pattaya. I will say this is a good example of what happens with top down government, with feedback from the lower ranks generally not tolerated. The result is someone high up makes a suggestion that something might be a good idea and their underlings take it as an order. Even if they think it might not be workable, or needed, they dare not express that opinion. The result is we see some plans and projects implemented, but soon abandoned for the reasons that were dare not expressed before those same plans were put into motion.
  2. Disagree. It wasn't the BIB who decided how many and where to place the checkpoints. Piss poor thought went into this, or more likely no thought at all by those making the decisions. As for the reason for traveling, a fair number are trying to either come home from work or go to work. Backups at the railway road intersections for SCC Rd, Nern Plub Wan, Khao Noi and Khao Talo during late afternoon, early evening are the norm for that reason. Forcing all those sois to use a single checkpoint at SCC Rd, plus add in the volume of traffic that was diverted off of Hwy 7 and from the south at Huai Yai and it's no surprise you end up with a massive traffic backup. WTF were they thinking. And now I read Closure restrictions of Pattaya City to continue but checkpoints will be adjusted for traffic concerns. Another WTF moment. And their reasoning... Mayor Sonthaya stressed that the National Covid19 team as well as local and Provincial leadership feel that Pattaya, like Phuket, still has many high risk groups that could potentially have the Covid19 virus in the city. This includes roughly 2,800 foreign and domestic tourists still in the area, many who recently arrived from other provinces. So their reason for inconveniencing 10's of thousands of people is limiting the possible spread of the virus from a group of 2,800 people, who I might add they have addresses for. Fcking A man, just test them and be done with it. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.
  3. I did say I didn't expect the checkpoints to last long. I was thinking more along the lines of a couple of days, not hours. Count me as not surprised though.
  4. And this back forth has what to do with COVID 19 GLOBAL (non Thailand) Posts, the title of this topic BTW.
  5. Report on Pattaya News FB about the checkpoints causing large traffic jams. Not really surprising to see at this time in the evening as many people either going home from work, or leaving to go to work on both sides of the new dividing line.
  6. ^^^ If only they knew, all they had to do was detour off Hwy 7 on to Hwy 36 and then on to Sukhumvit and it would have been clear sailing into Pattaya with no checkpoints. Like I said in an earlier post, I don't see this as lasting long since Sukhumvit is a major north/south corridor for through traffic. Perhaps if the new bypass to Sattahip was open they could have made this work, but not now when the only road to divert to is the railroad road.
  7. Just back from a look see at the checkpoints north of Pattaya Tai. First stop was the Sukhumvit/Hwy 36 roadblock, but when I got there, there was nothing to see. This is the view looking back towards Pattaya, just after the turn off to enter Hwy 36, which is on the left in this pic. And no checkpoint for those coming into Pattaya from Hwy 36 either. Near Soi 25 there was an unmanned checkpoint. 3240 they were checking people coming in, but not leaving Pattaya. Same for those coming in on Hwy 7. You have to pass through a checkpoint on the way in, but saw no checkpoint for leaving Pattaya. Soi Siam Country Club Road they were checking people coming and going, which seems odd as all one would have to do to avoid the long line of vehicles leaving is use Hwy 7. Over on Nern Plub Wan traffic was being diverted to the soi that cuts over to SCC Rd. There are numerous sois that you can take from Sukhumvit to the railroad. I decide to check out Soi 57, which is one I use several times a week as a shortcut over to the darkside on my bike rides. No surprise to find they have that barricaded off, but I encountered a bit of drama there. The guys on the motorbikes saw me ride up and take a pic from about 25m away. They then ignored me and went back to their conversation, but as I was putting my camera away a Thai woman walked out on the other side of the barricade, saw me and started yaking at me in Thai. I got the gist of what she was on about by her hand waving, which was her trying to get me to come to the other side of the barricade and then ride up to the SCC Rd checkpoint to reenter. I should mention I was on a bicycle which I could have lifted over the barricade, but wondered if was on a motorbike if she would have given me the same grief. I told her as best I could that I wasn't going to do that as I was still in the "green zone". I also told her I lived in Pattaya and was going home now. I then started to ride away but heard her continuing to shout out to me. Fortunately there was someone that lived in the neighborhood that spoke passable English. He was also someone I've said hi to a few times before during my rides through the soi. Anyway he calmed her down without further incident. The final shot is a distant shot from Sukhumvit looking up Khao Noi to the roadblock there. While I think these checkpoints are pointless, if they must, then it would make more sense checking people coming into Pattaya rather than leaving. That's what I thought they might end up doing when I saw the unmanned checkpoint on Sukhumvit and only inbound checking on 3240 and Hwy 7. So what was the point of checking people leaving on SCC Rd when there's a big freaking hole in their checkpoint system just north of there.
  8. Prestigious scientific panel tells White House coronavirus won't go away with warmer weather "There is some evidence to suggest that [coronavirus] may transmit less efficiently in environments with higher ambient temperature and humidity; however, given the lack of host immunity globally, this reduction in transmission efficiency may not lead to a significant reduction in disease spread without the concomitant adoption of major public health interventions," according to the letter. The letter noted, for example, that a study of the outbreak in China showed that even under maximum temperature and humidity conditions, the virus spread "exponentially," with every infected person spreading it to nearly two other people on average.
  9. Local news is finally waking up to the fact we're close to running out of water. They do have some good aerial views of the reservoir puddles. Pattaya water levels remain low as Chak Nok reservoir sits at roughly 5 percent of capacity Pattaya- The Provincial Water Authority has warned Pattaya and Chonburi residents to conserve water at this time as due to lack of rain and an ongoing drought the Chak Nok reservoir currently sits at roughly 5 percent of capacity. Local residents have contacted The Pattaya News over the past week complaining about lack of water or water pressure and asking what the issue is overall. Unfortunately, with the current condition of the Chak Nok reservoir and the Mapprachan Lake reservoir not being substantially better temporary water outages are unavoidable in some areas. As a result the Provincial Water Authority has asked people to be prepared for temporary outages over the next several days and keep a supply of three to four days of water. The overall water supply in the Chonburi area is still expected to last until June, however, rain is badly needed to resolve some of the drought issues. With the postponement of the Songkran water festival this year due to the Covid19 crisis, however, it is hoped this will help conserve some of the already low water levels. Photos by the Provincial Water Authority
  10. Never understood the popularity of reality TV. Don't people get enough reality in their day to day lives.
  11. There are a few good corona songs out there.
  12. Not sure what alternative method they could use. No doubt some of those that died from COVID-19 would have died anyway from the underlying health issue. Just a question of how much sooner they died because of the COVID-19. They have a pretty good statistical base of avg deaths per month based on various health issues. Those numbers will undoubtedly drop now due to the classification of death due to COVID-19. The difference will then tell us how many additional deaths were due to COVID-19.
  13. Progress update on the Beach Rd drainage project beginning on the north end.
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