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  1. I have to imagine if the agents can "help" with the money in the bank requirement, a piece of paper documenting insurance coverage should be a piece of cake for them.
  2. Does it cover outpatient? Their requirement for outpatient coverage will be the issue for me. I have great inpatient coverage through IMG, but no outpatient coverage as I've always been willing to pay out of pocket for anything that doesn't require hospitalization.
  3. I wonder if the board is experiencing technical issues. @Krapow's had an entire topic about miracles and sainthood vanish that seemed pretty benign. No problem if mods decide to hide posts or topics, but it could also be a software, database glitch that would warrant looking into.
  4. I was in Runway last night too. Left around 10pm. Alex and Trevor are great hosts and have done a great job on fitting out the bar. They have a tongue in cheek topic going on PA called " Buying a bar and going broke in Pattaya". It's a good read, especially for those thinking of opening a bar here. I'll have to remember next time I stop in at their place to encourage them to post on here too.
  5. Only 34 days, 10 hours, 14 minutes and some odd seconds to go, at the time of this posting.
  6. I was wondering the same thing. Thought the topic was innocent enough. I was a couple of posts into it and clicked on the like button for one of the early posts and the system came back with an error could not be found message. Figured there must have been something in the later posts that caused the topic to get hidden.
  7. There's also the matter of a denied insurance claim if you have an accident and are in country longer than 90 days on an IDL. At that point you're technically driving w/o a valid license and the insurance company would have cause for denying a claim.
  8. That was the last 10 minutes or so. Gruesome video clips. I'm well aware of the carnage on the road, but IMHO watching videos of it isn't going to change people's behavior. I made a point of looking away during the last 10 minutes, although nobody would notice as most of the 50 odd people in the room were glued to their phones the entire time there.
  9. Short lived thunderstorm, but I managed to get caught in the middle of it on my bike ride. No worries though, rain helps keep me cool.
  10. Wonder if a lot of traffic seeing Klang backed up towards Beach Rd are diverting to Buakhao. Sitting at Easy R Con last night south bound traffic on Buakhao was backed up past the S bend. Motorbikes were getting through just fine, but those in cages were barely moving.
  11. Same will happen to me at 66, the premium will go through the roof. They do have something available if you've been with them before age 66, but they're short on details and I haven't bothered to follow up with them for more info. Got a couple of more years to worry about that and maybe by then there will be other options available for us "old ones".
  12. But will the Thai IO accept it, and if they he/she does, will a different one say no the next year. Another sticking point I can see is the Thai IO looks at and says your insurance doesn't cover you for the full year of your extension to stay. In my case that would be until Nov 2020. I don't need the grief or headaches, I'm using an agent to deal with this shit.
  13. I'll say this, it's fcking joke they're requiring a Thai form to certify you have adequate insurance. Every insurance company I've ever dealt with can easily supply a declaration of insurance coverage. Used it many times to prove to my mortgage lender I had adequate insurance for my house. Went online to my health insurance company, IMG and lo and behold under My Documents I see I have an option of a Visa Letter. Clicking on that I select the country I need it for an out pops this nice letter. BTW, I'm 62 and this policy cost me $1,623 for the year. Like I, and others have posted before, Thai policies are a ripoff for what they charge and how little coverage you get with their policies.
  14. Judging by how poorly Thais do staying in their lane, passing, turning a corner and parking, I'm surprised any pass the depth perception test.
  15. Air quality is a lot better today even though the AQI is 69.
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