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  1. Forums and... https://lmgtfy.com/?q=+Airports+Thailand
  2. Not signs, but wish they would charge rent for the utility lines using the pylons. That would get the owners to take down dead lines quickly and get rid of the spaghetti mess they have now.
  3. Now we know where the water trucks are getting their clean water. My neighbor is selling his swimming pool water.
  4. My favorite kabab stand. The owners are a great couple too.
  5. My flight over the Sierra Nevada range was a rental. The Cirrus is a single seater. No problems with claustrophobia as it's a fairly large cockpit. Strange thing is, I'm scared of heights, but for some reason flying doesn't trigger that fear. Pic of the cockpit. The trailer in the foreground is the ship's home when I wasn't flying her. Pic of myself and a friend catching a thermal over Hartford, WI (HXF), our home airport
  6. Long thread on PA about her and Valentina.
  7. Sorry, didn't mean to scoop you. Can never have too many pics, so let's see what you've got.
  8. I flew sailplanes for about ten years. Loved it, and it was relatively inexpensive as I owned my ship. At one point I took instruction for SEL, but stopped once I soloed as I decided the expense was not worth the thrill of flying, especially when I could get the same thrill for a lot less in a sailplane. My 17m Open Cirrus.
  9. Update on the Beach Rd drainage project. Concrete drain forms in place and ready for use on the north end. Breaking up the existing pavement is now up to Soi 2. And digging commences at Soi 3. They've tied the trees to each other to keep the ones closest to the road from toppling over due to soil erosion. This is odd. Where's the connecting drain south of Soi 6. Gutters and pavement being poured just north of Klang intersection. Turned my camera to sea and what do I see. Only two parasailers in the air this morning. South of Klang, drain covers going in. Around Soi 8, gutter work is pretty much done. With the exception of a few places where drain access points are being worked on. Boardwalk across from Mike's Mall is looking very rough and on its last legs. South of Soi 12, only the curbs need to be installed. New curbs installed up to Royal Garden Plaza. If it were me, I would have installed curbs at least twice as high to keep more of the storm water from flowing onto the footpath. At the south end, work still needs to be done to connect to the pumping station. Anyone need a used IV bag. Quite the garbage pit on the south end. No way would I want to step on this access lid.
  10. The flip side is the non-VIP content is what attracts new members to join the forum.
  11. Have they no shame. Can't believe they're even considering extending Songkran when we're in the midst of the worst drought in several decades. That's not just stupid, that's insane. Bangkok Post article: Nine-day Songkran under consideration
  12. Medical and/or travel insurance card. Oh, and money.
  13. Nah, saw the smiley face in your post. I just wanted to point out how flawed the number quoted in the article was.
  14. The Eastern Water Resources dept has finally gotten around to updating their Weekly Water Situation reports for February 7th & 14th. Consumption has slowed from 6 million cubic meters (MCM)/week to about 4 MCM/week. Storage volume as of 14 Feb was 67.5 MCM. Subtracting the minimum storage volume of 31.7 MCM leaves about 36 MCM of usable water, or about a 9 week supply at current consumption levels. That will get us to 17 April, far short of June that a recent PWA news report would have us believe.
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