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  1. ^^^ The Atlantic post articles with pics that have outstanding clarity. Much better than what we see by looking at the C&P, lower resolution photos on the forum. I recommend BM's click on the included link in the post to get the full "wow" factor.
  2. $15 for SWIFT, but for purposes of comparing to Wise, or any other transfer service, it's the THB amount that ends in an account that matters most. So for my SWIFT transfer, I realized an exchange rate of 35.83. Applying the same calculation to the Wise transfer, the realized rate after factoring in fees would be 35.63 (32075B / 9000$). As has been posted before, if you're transferring over smaller amounts then Wise might be a better deal. I say "might" as your home currency can also affect the fees charged by Wise. As an example, the equivalent GBP transfer of $9k would be 6,935 GBP. That would result in total fees of 41.91 GBP or 53.39 USD, considerably lower than the 80.37 USD I would have to pay.
  3. Since the forecast is for the USD to continue to weaken through the rest of this year I just moved another chunk of money over via SWIFT. The money landed in my account about 30 minutes ago and I realized a rate of 35.83 after fees. Compared that to Wise and while the exchange rate quoted is better, the fees are a deal killer for high USD transfers. Using SWIFT I netted 321,610B whereas Wise would have resulted in 320,705B.
  4. I remember watching the Beatles on their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show and my dad expressing the same sentiment. Throughout his life he was never accepting of those that looked different from his idea of "normal", nor of those that didn't follow his very conservative values.
  5. I'm a fan of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and would suggest looking into low-risk ETFs as a place to park your money. Doing a quick search on that possibility for Swedish residents led me to this discussion. Sweden resident - Holding investments in USD While the discussion is about investments in USD, perhaps it will lead you to other alternatives for investing your money.
  6. Owner of Kubla Bar told me about the planned resurfacing of Soi Pothole in a few days. I expect it'll last as long as the last resurfacing that was done a few years ago, which IIRC was a few months before a new crop of potholes started growing again.
  7. Perhaps "Tripping On Acid" would be a more appropriate title for this vid...
  8. Below is another site with current local weather conditions and rainfall total for the day. The site also has historical totals, but I see they haven't updated June records yet. http://www.pattayaweather.net/
  9. Good to know. Just checked mine and two that I haven't used in over a week are below 50%. Whatever helps keep the batteries healthy I'm good with. And not a problem as my practice is to plug them in to the charger the night before, or in the morning on the day I intend to use the drone.
  10. Interesting lock on the sliding doors. I've not seen that type before.
  11. He also was left not at all happy when he fell and, IIRC, broke his hip and learned just how many real friends he had during his recovery. The sad reality for most of us; our friends are really just acquaintances and can't be counted on when the chips are down.
  12. Making a lightsaber out of a 2,000 watt welding laser; what could possibly go wrong.
  13. Nothing funny about this at all. In fact, just the opposite. It's a sick individual that walks around taking video of those that obviously don't want to be on camera.
  14. They'll pay a visit to Pattaya in September. https://th.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/consular-outreach/
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