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  1. Khao Talo is getting larger drains too. Meanwhile at the Easy R-Con open sewer project, they're still working on the cover to hide the leaky valves. Gotta love a Thai flood control project that leaves one of the storm drains in worse condition than before the project began.
  2. Thanks to the internet and RDP, for about the last 15 years of my working life my commute was from my bedroom to my home office.
  3. Click on the Stop icon before the page finishes loading to avoid the paywall msg.
  4. Your source was correct. Reopened last night.
  5. Racers, start your engines. Cafe Racer reopened last night.
  6. Sitting in the lounge at MKE waiting for the first flight of three for my trip back to Thailand. Dreary day in MKE, looking forward to getting home to Thailand in about 28 hrs.
  7. It's a small world we live in now thanks to the internet and VOIP. It's also saved a bundle on telecommunication costs.
  8. At least they called, which is rather surprising.
  9. It's relatively easy to move bookmarks from one browser to another. Here's a step by step for FF to Chrome. https://www.webnots.com/how-to-import-bookmarks-from-firefox-to-google-chrome/
  10. Easiest option for you might be to take your phone, cable and USB thumb drive to your local internet cafe or computer store and ask them to copy the pics from the phone to the USB drive. Have them show you how they do it so you can repeat the process in the future.
  11. If using Chrome, use the following link to open your favorites/bookmarks in a window similar to file manager. You can then use the normal file manager shortcuts to select multiple bookmarks for deletion. If using a different browser, do a Google search for the equivalent bookmark manager for your browser. Edited to add: Looks like you have to copy & paste the following link rather than just click on it for it to work. chrome://bookmarks/ Alternatively, right click anywhere on the bookmark bar and select Bookmark Manager.
  12. Sitting in the BKK lounge waiting for my flight that will take me to see my grandkids.
  13. You can find the post on the Pattaya Talk board. Over there the owner of PBG is BM PattayPete.
  14. I might have misspoke in my latest post that they're burying the cables in addition to enlarging the drainage on Beach Rd. The conduits in the pic look like they were already there when they dug up Beach Rd, yet again. They were probably put in place when they widened Beach Rd. Looks like what they're doing now is installing the larger drain system under the cables.
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