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  1. beautiful. i am sure jack has obtained all the legal authorizations to build the resort. not
  2. looks to me like emmentaler not gruyere. gruyere does not have holes in it.
  3. bs i appreciate very much your photo reports. please do continue. thank you Luigi
  4. i forgot, please take care for your own safety. drug addicts and her friends are up to anything. most dealers are by the way armed.
  5. did your nice ever have access to your personal financial and specialy banking information i.e. account numbers, credit card details etc. if yes, close your accounts and reopen them with other numbers informing the bank about possible fraud. same applies for credit cards. and as you mentioned new massive locks on doors and locks inside the house for the windows. remove for your house all things which have sentimental value for you. good luck to you
  6. as a matter of decency products shouldn't be touched especially during corona times.
  7. probably garden is 920 square meters
  8. licked me out 555555
  9. thank u jumbo . i can imagine quite an active crew. have myself a labradoodle a race originated in Australia. btw i am 78 cannot travel anymore because of heart history. but knowing Thailand for 35 years including mollie andl lally. was always staying in siam bayshore. super memories. so your pictures and reports bring me a lot of sunshine. take care of u and sai. Luigi
  10. thank u for your contribution. would be awfully nice to see a picture of the dogs. stay safe too
  11. thank u for your efforts. a very interesting report.
  12. happy to see your name again. looking forward to seeing your trip reports.
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